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What is an Indemnitor?

An Indemnitor is a Guarantor or a Cosigner

cosign bail bondWhat is an Indemnitor? An indemnitor/guarantor is an individual or individuals who agree to indemnify/cosign for the defendants bail bond through a bail bond company via a bail bond agent/underwriter.  The indemnitor guarantees the bail amount to the bail bond company in case the defendant fails to appear in court or skips bail. What is skipping bail?  Indemnitors are normally family members, friends, or coworkers that know the defendant.

In order to know whether an individual qualifies to cosign, we will ask questions to determine the ability of the indemnitor to be financially liable for a bail bond and will sometimes need to run a credit check to verify the answers to the questions we will ask you.  Once the individual is qualified to cosign, we have them meet with our agent, fill out paperwork, collect our fees, and then bail out the defendant from jail.

To be an indemnitor/cosigner, the individual or individuals must be financially capable or have the ability to pay back the full bond amount to the bail bond company in the event the defendant does not fulfill their obligations.  They are financially liable for the bail bond until the defendant is exonerated of all charges and/or sentenced on those charges.

An Indemnitor and defendants information is completely private and secure.  Bail Bond City holds your anonymity in the highest regard. Helping out someone with a bail bond is a very private matter and is always kept as such with our company.  The only people allowed to discuss a bail bond agreement with us are the indemnitor, the defendant, anyone designated by the indemnitor to have access to the information, and our company.  Thats it!

If you have any questions about whether or not you qualify to be an indemnitor/cosigner, just give Bail Bond City a call at the number below, and we will be glad to assist you!