Bond Out Faster

Visitations: West Virginia State (DOC) Prisioners

Identification: All Visitors must be on the inmate’s approved
visitor list and must provide two (2) forms of identification.
Visitors eighteen (18) years of age and older must have at least
one form of identification bearing their photograph (e.g. Driver’s
License). The second form of identification may be any other
document identifying the individual, such as a Voter’s
Registration Card, Insurance Card, etc. However, a Social
Security Card or a Credit Card will not be accepted as a valid
form of identification. Visiting Room staff may require further
identification when deemed necessary.
Minor children shall only be permitted to visit when in the
company of a parent, other adult member of the immediate
family, or legal guardian. Other adult members of the immediate
family must present a notarized statement from the parent or
legal guardian verifying that they have issued permission for the
minor child to be in that adult’s company on the facility’s
grounds for the purpose of visiting the inmate.
Searches: Visitors involved in the introduction of contraband
onto the grounds are subject to immediate loss of visiting
privileges and criminal prosecution. WV State Code 61-5-8
prohibits any alcoholic liquor, non-intoxicating beer, poison,
explosives, firearms or other dangerous or deadly weapon or
controlled substance on the grounds of the prison. Cash is also
considered contraband for inmates.
All visitors must successfully complete a magnetometer, canine
and pat-down search, as directed, prior to entry. If a visitor
refuses to have his/her vehicle searched, they will be
immediately escorted from the property and denied a visit on
that day. All children accompanying visitors will be searched in
the presence of the custodial parent/guardian accompanying
them. MOCC reserves the right to search any vehicle coming
onto facility grounds. Vehicle searches that result in the seizure
of any contraband the visitor(s) will be permanently banned
from participating in the MOCC visiting program. MOCC reserves
the right to also contact the WV State Police for further action.
No visitor (approved or disapproved) will be permitted to sit or
loiter in their vehicles in the Visitation parking lot. All visitors
must either report to the Visiting Room Lobby or depart from
the premises.
Dress Codes: All visitors must be fully dressed, including shoes.
Only children age five (5) and younger will be permitted to wear
shorts. For all visitors prohibited are articles of clothing of any
type with camouflage designs or patterns or excessive metal (i.e.
steel-toes footwear); sleeveless tops, jogging suits as well as
perfumes, colognes or other fragrant creams or oils that may
interfere with the canine search.
All visitors are required to wear appropriate clothing when
entering the Visitation Lobby. Visitors will not be allowed to
change in the Visitation area nor in the Visitation parking lot.
Any visitor found changing in the Visitation parking lot will be
required to immediately leave the facility’s grounds (no
Male visitors are required to wear suitable clothing. Males
must wear either dress slacks (not khaki in color); jeans; cargo
pants (not khaki in color); a Polo shirt; button up dress shirt
(must be completely buttoned up); crew neck t-shirt (with no
vulgarity); a sweat shirt (not gray in color) or entrance into the
Visiting Room will not be permitted.
Female visitors are required to wear suitable, modest clothing.
Females must wear either jeans (with no holes in them); dress
slacks (not khaki in color and not made of pure cotton); skirt or
dress with the length being half-way between the calf and the
ankle; a non-under wire bra (although a bra must be worn);
Polo shirt; button-up dress shirt (must be buttoned all the way
up); or a crew neck t-shirt (with no vulgarity); or a sweat shirt
(as long as it is not plain gray in color). Any shirt exposing any
chest area (to include while the wearer is bending over) will
not be permitted and entrance to the Visiting Room will not be