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Visitations: Texas State (DOC) Prisioners

Offender Visitation

Visitation plays an important role in maintaining the association between offenders and their friends and family as well as strengthening family ties.

Preparing for your visit:

  • Your Visit to a Secure Facility
  • Before You Go: Tips for a Successful Visit
  • What to Expect: Entry and Search Procedures at a Secure Facility
  • Contact Visits: What You Need to Know

Before you travel to a unit:

  • visitation-1Confirm the offender is assigned to the unit you are planning to visit and has visitation privileges. The visitation information provided through the link below is updated once daily during weekdays and multiple times per day on visitation days. Visitors should call the unit for final confirmation before traveling to the unit.

    Offender Information Search

  • Confirm the unit visitation schedule and verify that visitation has not been cancelled. An eligible offender cannot receive visitors if visitation has been cancelled. Unit wide visitation cancelations are posted on the TDCJ homepage at

    Unit Visitation Schedule

  • Verify you are an approved visitor. If you are unsure, you may contact the unit for verification. Click here for a list of unit phone numbers.
  • Bring photo identification (ID). Click here for a list of appropriate photo identification.
  • Check clothing for compliance. Click here for guidelines.
  • Make sure you are not bringing prohibited items on the unit. Vehicles and visitors are subject to search by unit staff. Click here for items allowed and not allowed.
  • Do not bring cash (except coins, not more than $25).
  • No cell phones inside the secure perimeter.
  • Special visits or visits requiring special accommodations should be arranged prior to the visit. If you have made special arrangements with the unit, call prior to leaving to ensure that plans for your visit have been made and are in place. Click here for examples of special visits and special accommodations.
  • Spiritual visits must be coordinated through the warden’s office.

Each offender is only allowed one visit per weekend. To the extent possible, individuals on an offender’s Visitors List should coordinate with one another and with the offender to prevent subsequent visitors from being declined when they arrive at the unit.

Visits may be terminated and visitors may be removed from the offender’s Visitors List because of improper conduct. Individuals who have been removed from an offender’s Visitors List can submit a written appeal to the Director’s Review Committee (DRC), P.O. Box 99, Huntsville, TX 77342. The appeal must be submitted within 14 days of the date on the written notice of removal from the unit.