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Visitations: St. Johns County Jail in St. Augustine FL

St. Johns County Sheriff’s Offi ce
Video Visitation Center
2463 US1 South
St. Augustine, FL 32086
Phone (904) 209-2222
Visitation Information:
Visitation from members of the immediate family or approved friends is encouraged with the understanding there
are certain rules and regulations that must be followed.
• Twice weekly inmates are permitted to have visitation of (60) minutes. Appointment times are Monday
through Thursday, 9:00AM, 10:00AM, 1:00PM, 2:00PM, 3:00PM, 6:30PM and 7:30PM. Visitation is closed
on Fridays and major holidays.
• The inmate has the right to decline or eliminate a visitation.
• Visitors are required to complete a visitation questionnaire containing personal information and a copy of
a picture ID card or Driver License; we do not accept Military ID’s. Once the form is completed, you must
allow up to three working days to be processed.
• If you are approved for visits, you are required to schedule appointments at least one day in advnace. You
may call (904) 209-2222 to schedule appointments.
• All visitors must check in fi fteen (15) minutes prior to scheduled appointments.
• All visitors must properly identify themselves upon arriving at the visitation center with the proper ID.
• All visits are monitored and are subject to recording.
• Visitors arriving after their scheduled session will be allowed to visit, but you will only receive the remaining
portion of the hour visit, less fi ve minutes for administrative task by staff. It will be documented when
you arrive late.
• If for any reason the visitor is unable to visit as scheduled, they are required to call at least one hour in
advance and cancel. Cancellations can be made by telephone. Should they fail to cancel an appointment, it
will considered a no show.
• First Violation – Missing two (2) appointments, by showing up late, failing to cancel a scheduled appointment
or a combination of the two (2) may result in the loss of visitation privileges, for the visitor, for a period of
ten to fi fteen (10 to 15) days. Should violations occur beyond this period, visitation may be suspended an
additional time of ten (10) day increments.
• Visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian with proof in hand or posses a valid
marriage license. A Birth Certifi cate, Court Documents, School ID or other Legal Documentation is accepted.
No visitors under the age of six (6) years.
• Only four (4) visitors allowed to share a visitation during one 60 minute session.
• The parent or legal guardian of a minor child must maintain close supervision of that child before, during,
and after each visit. Children at no time will be unattended for any reason this would also include left
unattended in a car, lobby, sidewalk area or the parking lot area of the visitation center.
• You will only communicate with the person you are schedule to visit with. NO EXCEPTIONS
• Hanging up the handset on the visitor’s visitation carrel will terminate the visit. Damage to the video visitation
system will result into revocation privileges or criminal prosecution.
• If you experience a problem with the audio or video reception during the visit, notify the visitation staff
• Loud talking, excessive emotionalism, or any other type of disruptive behavior is unacceptable in the visitation
center and will result into immediate termination of visits.
• Application for visitation is available in the lobby area of video visitation or the inmate may choose to mail
out an application as well. Applications are also available online and may be downloaded and returned via
US mail. Please allow at least three (3) business days before calling to confi rm. Please see applications at Located under inmate visitation information.
REVISED 01/24/14 all previously issued forms are obsolete SJSO-527A(1)
Rules and Regulations:
1. Behavior of inmates and/or visitors shall be carefully regulated. Loud speech, boisterousness, and obscene behavior
or language will not be tolerated.
2. Visitors may be asked to terminate the visit at any time at the discretion of Offi cer-in-charge. Failure on the part
of the visitor to leave when asked to do so could result in termination of their visitation privilege.
3. The items listed below are not permitted in the video visitation center.
• All tobacco products
• Food or drinks of any kind
• Cameras, fi lm, or video equipment
• Radios, Disc or Tape Players
• Any drugs, narcotics or intoxicating beverage not allowed. If visitor is suspected of being under the infl uence
of drugs or alcohol appropriate actions will be taken
• Inappropriate behavior will result in termination of visit and visitor will be asked to leave the premises
• Visitors will not be in possession of fi rearms, weapons, knives, or sharp objects. Due to safety and security
concerns, visitors may be subject to electronic scanning
• Cell phones will be turned off and stored in lockers
• No items allowed at the visitation booth. Lockers will be provided for personal items during your visit.
4. Dress Appearance:
• All clothing worn must be clean, neat and in good repair
• Clothing will be worn as it is designed to be worn
• Shoes must be worn at all times
• Revealing articles of clothing and/or showing undergarments or upper torso area will not be allowed; to
include, but not limited to: