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Visitations: Nevada State (DOC) Prisioners





AUTHORITY: NRS 209. l 31


Wardens are responsible for administering the inmate visiting procedures at their


1. Inmates will be permitted visits by family, friends, and community groups consistent
with the security and orderly running of the institution or facility in a designated visiting

2. A record of visitors will be maintained for all inmates.
3. A visiting schedule will be established for all institutions and facilities by the Warden.

4. Procedures to monitor all visiting areas will be established to prevent the introduction
or passage of contraband and to ensure the security and good order of the institution.

5. An inmate visitation manual will be developed detailing inmate visiting procedures,
including but not limited to:

A. Application Process
B. Dress Code
C. Code of Conduct

D. Identification Requirements


 Special Visits


Visiting Room Procedures


6. The Warden has the authority to restrict or suspend an inmate’s regular visiting
privileges temporarily when there is reasonable suspicion that the inmate has acted in a
way that would indicate a threat to the good order or security of the institution.

A. Restriction or suspension should be limited to the time required to investigate the
initial incident and complete the discipline process.

B. The inmate is responsible to notify approved visitors of any restrictions.

C. Restrictions may also be imposed on newly committed inmates who are medically
isolated, or other reasons identified by the Warden.

7. The number of visitors an inmate may receive at a given time and duration and
frequency of each visit shall be determined by the Warden/designee.

8. Visiting room operations will be governed by:
A. institutional space and personnel resources.
B. The capacity limit defined by the Fire Marshall.

9. An institutional/facility visiting room procedure will be developed by the Warden with
specifics unique to their facility/institution.

10. The Warden/Associate Wardens may grant special visits or exceptions to visiting
policies and procedures.


1. General visiting information will be maintained on the NDOC website

2. Specific visiting information will be maintained on the institution/facility Web page.

3. All inmates of the Nevada Department of Corrections will be provided information
regarding procedures governing visitation upon initial intake process.

A. Inmates will be given an orientation as soon as practical afier arrival at the

B. At a minimum, the information will include, but is not limited to, the following:

(I) Facility address/phone number, directions to the facility and information
about local transportation.

(2) Days and hours of visitation.


(3) Approved dress code and identification requirement for visitors.
(4) Items authorized in the visiting room.


1. These procedures apply to all institutions. facilities with the Nevada Department of

2. This AR requires an audit.