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Visitations: Minnehaha County Jail near Sioux Falls SD

minnehaha-county-inmate-visitsJail Visitation

Welcome to Minnehaha County visitation web page. The Minnehaha County Jail procedures have recently changed and technology enhancements for our visitation now allow visitors two options:


1. Utilizing our lobby video visitation (at no cost to the inmate or visitor). Schedule a visit no more than 4 days in advance. Or
2. Visit from your home/office or other location using our web based system ($ .35 per minute cost to the visitor) easily accessed at


This system allows visitors to visit from anywhere in the world. This system allows for expanded visiting hours and dates not available in the Jail Lobby. Visitors are still allowed to come to the Jail Lobby to visit using the video visitation system and following the same schedule that has been in place for several years. The lobby visitation system is free for users and inmates.


The information on this page will assist visitors, inmates and staff to operate visitation in a smooth and efficient manner. The number of visitors an inmate may receive and the length of visits may be limited only by the facility’s schedule and space or when there are substantial reasons to justify such limitations. Inmates will not be denied access to visits with persons of their choice except when the Warden or designee can present clear and convincing evidence that such visitation jeopardizes the safety and security of the facility or the visitors or enforcement of a protection order or court order.


Effective March 2, 2013 inmates on disciplinary status will not be allowed non-professional visits. They will be allowed to continue attorney, clergy and other professional visitation.






In order to visit, in the lobby with an inmate housed at the Minnehaha County Jail, you must provide a government issued identification. Acceptable forms of identification are:


A) Drivers License from any State.

B) Valid Passport

C) Valid State or County issued ID and birth certificate if ID does not bear a date of birth.

D) Military ID card with photo and date of birth.


Other than these types of identification, admittance into the jail visitation lobby is at the discretion of the shift supervisor.



A parent of legal guardian must accompany persons under the age of 18 who wish to visit an inmate. If you have any questions, contact the Jail Command Staff.



Visitors may be denied admittance to the visitation area if their clothing is deemed to be inappropriate. Visitors must dress in an appropriate manner. Apparel such as but not limited: halter tops, tube tops, low cut blouses, low cut dresses, swim suits, see-through or revealing clothing for teenage and adults will not be permitted. You may be denied to visit for failing to follow this guideline. The only personal property allowed into the visitation area is keys, identification and cell phones. Please leave purses, backpacks and other items at your home or in your locked vehicle.



ALL LOBBY VISITS MUST BE SCHEDULED 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE. There is no visitation in the lobby on Monday or Friday. The Jail Lobby visitation schedule is as follows:


Day Visitation Times
Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday 7:30 AM – 10:15 AM
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
7:00 PM – 9:30 PM


ALL WEB VISITS MUST BE SCHEDULED 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE. The jail visitation schedule, via the web, outside the jail lobby is as follows:


Day Visitation Times
Sunday – Saturday 7:30 AM – 10:15 AM
1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
7:00 PM – 9:30 PM



Due to increasing demand on the jail visiting system the following change is being made: Each person will be allowed to visit an inmate only once per day. After you have completed visiting an inmate you may not visit that person again until that person’s next scheduled visiting day. You may visit another inmate but you will need to return to the visiting line and wait your turn.


Visits will last 30 minutes, unless approved by the Jail Supervisor.


The number of visitors an inmate may receive and the length of visit may be limited only by the facility’s schedule, space and personnel constraints or when there are substantial reasons to justify such limitations. Visitation will not exceed 60 minutes in length.


Once in the visitation booth, you will need to sign in. Do not pick up the handset until you see the inmate you wish to visit. By picking up the handset you are starting the timer. Also if you hang up the handset prior to the completion of your visit the visit will automatically terminate after 5 seconds. Keep in mind that if you come to visit less than 30 minutes prior to one of the closed times your visit will be cut short. Please plan your visit accordingly to make sure you have adequate time to complete your visit.



Please do not touch or try to adjust any of the visitation equipment other than the handset. If you need any assistance with adjustments please contact the front desk officer.



Visitors are expected to be orderly and respectful to staff, inmates and other visitors. Please refrain from using obscene gestures and language. Lewd conduct is prohibited and may be prosecuted. Visitation privileges will be terminated if any of the rules are violated.