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Visitations: Marion County Jail near Indianapolis IN


Regular visits are taken by appointment only,  The Appointment Scheduling Line is open from 11:30 AM, Monday through Friday, until all available appointments are booked or 2:30 PM whichever comes first.

The Appointment Scheduling Line phone number is 317-639-9300.

There are also some special categories other that regular visits that the Jail can accommodate.  Please click on the links below for addtional information about these special circumstances.

Once a visitor has arrived in the visitation check-in office, they are not allowed to leave the room for any reason, or the visit is canceled.

No unattended children will be allowed in the building at any time.

During K-9 searches if a dog indicates on the visitor or clothing, the visitor who owns the property contained therein will be subject to a thorough outside body search. Any smell of contraband detected by an Officer and the K-9 will result in that visit being canceled. Visitors who leave during a K-9 search will loose future visitation privileges.

While in the visitation office and rooms, absolutely no smoking, eating, or drinking is permitted. A visitor shall have no objects in their mouth at anytime.

Visitors who wish to cancel an appointment may do so by calling 327-1554. If a visitor cancels by phone, they must do so within 2 hours of the scheduled appointment. The visit still counts towards the inmate’s two (2) allotted visits for the week. Any visitor that does not appear for a scheduled appointment twice, without calling to cancel, in a thirty (30) day period, or misses three (3) consecutive appointments during any time period, will be suspended from visiting for a period of thirty (30) days.