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Visitations: Madison County Jail Near Huntsville AL

Madison County Sheriff’s Department Rules and Regulations for Visitation

(Effective June 2014)




Inmate’s has to be here 30 days to receive a visit. Currently, each floor is designated a visitation day:


Housing 1 – Sunday

Housing 2 – Sunday

L-Floor   – Tuesday

M-Floor   – Monday

N-Floor   – Thursday

P-Floor   – Friday

*Visitation days are subject to change


  • Visitation appointments are to be scheduled by calling 256.519.4864, Monday–Friday, 8am-11am and 12pm-3pm.

All visitation appointments must be scheduled the week prior to the actual visit with the inmate.


NOTE:  We are in the process of installing a new computerized scheduling program where you will be able to make appointments via telephone, computer and via kiosks. The kiosks will be located in the current Visitation Lobby and also the Huntsville Municipal Court front lobby. We will notify you via this website when the transition is complete.


  • Each inmate is allowed only three (3) visitorson visitation day with no more than three (3) visits, different parties. All visitations are on a “first come, first served” basis. You must be on the inmate’s visitation list in order to schedule a visit.


  • Visitors will be allowed to select a time between 8:00 am and 2:30 pm, if the requested time is available. Visitation appointments will be scheduled at specific times that cannot be altered once the appointment has been missed. All visitors must be in line, in process of being checked in for their appointment fifteen (15) minutes prior to their appointment time. No exceptions. Visitors not adhering to this regulation will be denied visitation.


  • You are allowed 20 minutes per visit.


  • You may bring only your identification and keys into the Visitation Area.


  • If you DO NOT SHOW forthree (3) appointments, your visitation will be suspended for two (2) weeks.


  • No one under the age of 12 years of age is allowed inside the visitation areas. All visitors, ages 12-16 years old, must possess a government issued photo ID or a birth certificate, along with a school ID (if applicable), and be accompanied by an adult at all times. All visitors ages 17+ must possess a valid, current, government issued photo ID (ex. driver’s license, passport, green card, etc.)


  • No one on probation, parole or recently released from jail(within the past year -traffic ticket arrests are exempt) will be allowed to visit. Individuals on parole or probation are not allowed to visit until their parole or probation has expired. Anyone who has been in jail within the past year is not allowed to visit until one (1) year after their jail release date.


  • If it is determined that false information was intentionally provided to MCSO employees to obtain a visit with an inmate, visitation privileges will be suspended until further notice.


  • Any inmate on disciplinary is not permitted visitation until the disciplinary period has expired and/or they are removed from the disciplinary dorm.





Order and efficient operation of the jail is a paramount to good safety and security.  Order must be preserved at all times, therefore, the on duty detention specialist and/or supervisor will closely monitor visitation when visitors are in the facility. The detention specialist may warn visitors who are being loud, disruptive, or disorderly to restore control in the Visitation area. If order is not immediately restored, the detention specialist/officer will terminate visitation and require the visitor(s) to leave the facility immediately. All visitors will maintain a calm, quiet, and orderly demeanor for the entire length of the visit.


Visitation Area Dress Code and Conduct Requirements


  • No purses, lighters, cigarettes, cellular phones, food, drinks, guns, knives or any type weapon is allowed. No recording devices, digital or analog, voice, video or cameras allowed. Only ID and keysare allowed to be in your possession during visitation.


  • Shorts and skirts must be at or below your knees.


  • Strapless shirts/blouses, bare midriffs, pajamas or sleepwear clothing, spandex clothing, leotards, tube tops, bodysuits, underwear-type t-shirts, skirts with high splits, spaghetti string tops, tank tops (including males), low-cut blouses or dresses, any type of see-through clothing, backless tops, halter tops, halter dresses, mini-skirts, extremely tight clothing, fish net shirts, sleeveless shirts or dresses that are inappropriately revealing are prohibited. (A sleeveless shirt or dress is considered inappropriately revealing when the female breasts or lingerie can be seen).


  • Any shirts or other articles of clothing with a picture or language that may be considered profane or offensive by current public standards or MCDF standards, or considered gang related is prohibited.


  • Caps and hats are prohibited.


  • Wave caps, doo rags, and bandanas are prohibited.


  • All eye-wear must be prescription only; no sunglasses.


  • Visitors who are intoxicated or uncooperative will not be allowed to visit.


  • Visitors may not possess any type of weapon or contraband.


  • Persons shown by substantial evidence to constitute a threat to facility security and order are to be excluded from the approved visiting list.


  • No profane or loud language is allowed during visitation. All visitors will maintain a calm, quiet, and orderly demeanor for the entire length of the visit.


  • Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited inside the jail visitation areas.


  • Visitors are only allowed to visit with the inmate they have been scheduled to visit.


  • Visitors must leave the visiting area when their visitation is expired or when instructed to do so by any jail official.


  • The Sheriff’s Office is not responsible for any lost or misplaced property.


Anyone violating these or other jail rules will be ordered to leave the premises. That visitor may also be removed from the inmate’s visitation card and permanently denied future visitation.