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Visitations: Hardee County Jail in Wauchula FL

The Hardee Cjail visitationounty Sheriff’s Office detention facility’s goal for Inmate Visitation is to encourage inmates to maintain family and friend contact through the inmate visitation process as well as provide opportunities for associations beneficial to the inmate’s overall adjustment.

No person shall introduce or cause to be introduced into or upon the property of a Detention Facility, to give any inmates, any article of contraband; or give any inmate anything, which is not specifically authorized by the Administrative Commander or designee, Florida State Statute 951.22. Introduction of Contraband into a Detention Facility is a felony; visitors are subject to being searched in accordance with Florida State Statute 951.22.

Inmate Visitation is a privilege, inmate visits may be denied, revoked or limited when the visit would threaten the safety, security or order of the Facility or when visitation rules are not followed.

Each inmate in general population is afforded the opportunity to receive up to two (2) hours of visitation time per week, one (1) hour per scheduled day of visitation.

All inmate visitors are required to be on the inmate’s “Registered Visitation List”. The inmate completes this process during their initial intake or through an “Inmate Request Form” addressed to “Classification”.

All inmate visitors are required to complete a “Visitors Registration Form” and be approved prior to visiting an inmate.

– Visitor Registration Forms may be obtained from the Detention Facility Control Room or from a link below.

Detention facility inmate authorized visitation days and times are provided on the “Inmate Visitation Schedule”.

English Visitors Registration Form

Spanish Visitors Registration Form

Inmate Visitation Schedule

Spanish Inmate Visitation Schedule