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Visitations: DeSoto County Jail near Arcadia FL

The Desoto County Jail is constructed and designed to provide a safe and secure environment.   It is a Non-smoking facility.


Visitation is now done via Video

You are no longer required to be on the inmate’s List, but you are still required to sign in and produce an I.D. to be able to visit.

The door will be opened every hour on the hour and locked during 11:00AM until 12:00Pm while out at lunch.

Children will be allowed to visit but will be required to be supervised by the parent while visiting.

Please respect everyones visiting time.   Failure to supervise your children will terminate your visit.



No person shall introduce or cause to be introduced into or upon the property of a Detention Facility, to give any inmates, any article of contraband; or give any inmate anything which is not specifically authorized, in writing by the Administrative Commander or designee, Florida State Statute 951.22 Introduction of Contraband into a Detention Facility is a felony, and can receive criminal charges. Florida State Statute 951.22 Visitors are subject to be searched.



Profanity, yelling and other loud or disorderly conduct is not permitted.


Cell phones are not allowed inside the Jail Facility. Telephones are a privilege offered to the inmates at the Desoto County Jail.


A collect call phone system is available for their use. The charge for the telephone is billed directly to the person receiving the call.  To contact Paytel to set up an account call 1-800-729-8355.


Social Inmate Visits


*Note: Visitation is a privilege. Visits may be denied, revoked or limited when the visit would threaten safety, security or the good order of the facility or when visitation rules are not followed


Visitors will enter through the visitation area. Visitors are not to bring any items of property into the facility. The only items allowed are keys and a photo I.D. The visitor will sign in at the desk and present to visitation personnel a Government issued photo I.D.

An adult must accompany person under the age of eighteen.


Proper attire is required for all visitors. Visitation personnel will make the final decision on questionable attire. Visitation may be denied for inappropriate dress.

Shorts and skirts of reasonable length are allowed,. Not less than approximately 2″inches above the knee. No revealing tops, tank tops or sport bras will be allowed. No swim-suits will be allowed. Footwear is required.

Visits are Non-Contact.

Any visitor who enters the Jail Facility with contraband will be subject to either immediate removal from the facility, suspension of future visitation privileges, and possible criminal charges.



Commissary is a privilege offered to the inmates in the Desoto County Jail. Commissary is conducted  weekly with a maximum order of  $70.00 per delivery.  If a holiday interferes with delivery, commissary will be conducted that week with a maximum order of $70.00.

If an inmate orders commissary and is released prior to receiving the order, the inmate is responsible for the commissary, it will be held in property for 15 days. After the 15 days, it will be disposed of according to policy.


The only property that will be accepted for inmates will be prescription eyeglasses, hearing aids, shoes (approved by the Jail doctor), and prosthetic devices (that are not deemed a threat to security, and have been approved by the Jail Doctor). No other items will be accepted without prior written authorization from the Security Commander after consultation with nurse.


Inmates sentenced to DOC, will notify family members to pick up their property within 30 days or it will be considered abandoned. Abandoned property will be turned over to Evidence or Property Unit. The Unit will hold abandoned property a total of 90 days and then it will be disposed of according to Florida State Statute 705.103


For correspondence though the mail a return address is required. Inmates receive at:


(Inmates Name)

(Inmates Jail Number)

Desoto County Jail

208 East Cypress Street

Arcadia, Fl 34265


Indigent inmates will be provided the opportunity to order through the Indigent Commissary Package, hygiene supplies, paper and stamped envelopes sufficient to provide two non-privileged letters each week.


In order for an inmate to visit a family member in the hospital or attend the funeral of a family member, a Court Order is required. The inmate is to contact his or her attorney to petition the court. The inmate or the inmate’s family will be required to pay transportation costs, before the transport is conducted.

Attorneys and other professional visitors may appear for visitation unscheduled.

Religious Volunteers

All religious volunteers will be coordinated through the Jail Captain