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Visitations: Columbia County Jail near St. Helens OR

All public visits will be scheduled by the Inmate requesting the visit. The inmate must contact prospective visitors by phone or mail, and determine an acceptable visiting date. Time slots may be used on a first come, first serve basis. Visitors are encouraged to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to sign in. If all of the slots are taken for that time frame they can either wait till the next times start for that pod, if it is available, or return on another day. Visits will start on the hour and half hour. Authorized visitors shall be members from the inmates family, and friends age 18 and older. Visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Inmate visitation is a privilege and while the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office encourages visitation, that privilege must be regulated to protect the needs of the entire jail operation. The amount of time allotted for visitation is based upon the classification and status of each inmate.

All inmates will be allowed a maximum of two thirty (30) minute visits per seven (7) day period (Sunday through Saturday), as time and space allows. Inmates assigned to Disciplinary Segregation will not be allowed visitation privileges.

Inmates not yet assigned to a housing unit or who are housed in the pre-classification unit, will not be allowed public visitation. Inmates serving a sentence of seventy-two hours(72) or less will not be allowed public visitation.

Due to space limitations, acceptable visiting combinations are limited to:

1. One Adult
2. Two Adults
3. One Adult and One Child
4. One Adult and Two Children
5. Two Adults and One Child

Inmates have the right to refuse any visit, however that right should be exercised prior to visiting time.

All inmates wishing to receive public visits must establish a visiting list of not more than five (5) people. Persons not on the approved list will not be allowed to visit. The minimum information required for each person to be considered for visiting will be:

1. First, Middle, and Last Name
2. Date of birth
3. Relationship
4. The name of any children who may be in the company of their parent or guardian


WARNING: Intentionally introducing contraband into a correctional facility is a FELONY under Oregon Law. Persons smuggling weapons, drugs, tobacco or any other prohibited item into the correctional facility are subject to prosecution. (ORS 162.185)


Daily Visitation Schedule (effective January 3, 2017)


A-Pod 0900-1000
G-Pod 1000-1130
J-Pod 1330-1500
F-Pod 1500-1530
D-Pod 0900-1030
A-Pod 1030-1130
E-Pod 1300-1500
I-Pod 0830-1000
G-Pod 1000-1130
K-Pod 1800-1900
D-Pod 0830-1000
J-Pod 1300-1430

No Visiting All Day
F-Pod 0830-0900
E-Pod 0900-1100
I-Pod 1400-1530
K-Pod 1800-1900
K-Pod Visiting: 
Wednesday 1800-1900
Saturday 1800-1900
B-Pod Visiting: 
CONTACT THE SHERIFF’S OFFICE FOR INFORMATION regarding B-Pod Visiting Actual Visiting times are cell-specific–you must call the jail at (503) 366-4630 for specific visiting times in B-Pod.

C-Pod Visiting (Mondays and Wednesdays): 

CONTACT THE SHERIFF’S OFFICE FOR INFORMATION regarding C-Pod Visiting on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Actual Visiting times are cell-specific–you must call the jail at (503) 366-4630 for specific visiting times in C-Pod.
  • Each Inmate can have two 1/2 hour visits per week.
  • The Inmate you would like to visit is going to need your full name and your date of birth to sign you up as a visitor.
  • It is the Inmate’s responsibility to let you know their visiting dates and times.
  • This schedule is subject to change, any changes shall allow time for inmates to reschedule affected visits.

Attorney Visits

Inmates shall be given the opportunity to visit their attorneys at reasonable times, consistent with the safety and security of the facility. All visits will be scheduled by the attorney.

Clergy Visits

Clergy visits will be handled the same as a regular visit. The inmate must have your full name and DOB to sign to sign you up for visiting. You will then be allowed to visit that inmate on the inmates normal visiting hours for the pod that the inmate is assigned to.