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Visitations: Bradford County Jail in Starke FL

Inmate Visitation Information

  • All visits with inmates must be scheduled in advance, by telephoning the jail on the Friday before the requested visit, between 2:00 and 5:00 pm.
  • Inmates are allowed one (1) two hour visit with up to three (3) visitors per week.
  • All visitors must have photo indentification.
  • All visitors must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled visit for sign-in.

Inmate Visitation Policies

1. Visits are scheduled with the Admin Office (904-966-6250) on Fridays from 2:00 – 5:00 PM for the following week (Sat. – Fri.). No more than (3) visitors (including children) may be scheduled for a visiting period. Visitors should try to arrive 15 minutes early; if they don’t show up by the beginning of the designated visiting period, the visit is cancelled. Visiting rules are posted on the Jail Lobby Bulletin Board

2. Visiting Schedule  MONDAY (1900 – 2100) Minimum/Medium Custody- male inmates  TUESDAY (1900 – 2100) Minimum/Medium Custody- male inmates  WEDNESDAY (1900 – 2100) Minimum/Medium Custody-male inmates  THURSDAY (1900 – 2100) Minimum/Medium Custody-male inmates  FRIDAY (1900 – 2100) Minimum/Medium Custody-male inmates  SATURDAY (1200 – 1400) (1400 – 1600) & (1900 – 2100) Female Inmates (1200 – 1600); Federal Contract – male inmates (1900-2100)  SUNDAY (1200 – 1400) (1400 – 1600) (1700 – 1900) & (1900 – 2100 only as needed) Maximum Custody – male inmates (1200-1600); Federal Contract – male inmates (1700-2100)

3. Disciplinary Confinement inmates aren’t allowed visits. “High Risk” inmates require approval for a Special Visit.

4. Visitors need to bring to the visit an official, picture I.D. (driver’s license, state identification card, military ID).

5. Dress guidelines for visitors: Attire must not be “revealing;” shorts/skirts must not be shorter than mid thigh; footwear must be worn. If an item of clothing appears inconsistent with this policy, the Shift Supervisor will make the final decision.

6. No children under 18 will be left unattended in the lobby. Children must be reasonably well-behaved; no loud noise, no running in the building, etc.

7. Only one visitor at-a-time is allowed in the visiting area; if additional persons are authorized to visit, they must wait in the Lobby and take turns in the visiting area.

8. Visitors may not bring personal property (including cell phones) into the visiting area. Inmates are not allowed to bring any items into the visiting area; violation of this policy may lead to a suspension of visiting privileges.

9. Visits are terminated if visitors or inmates use profanity, cause disruptions, act in a sexually-suggestive manner, or fail to follow jail rules. Visitors must only visit the designated inmate. The visiting phone must be used for all communication (No notes, hand signals, talking through the glass or other means to circumvent the phone communication system).

10. No food or drinks are allowed in the visiting area.

11. Visitors must only visit the designated inmate. The phone provided must be used for all conversation; using notes or some type of sign-language is not permitted.

12. Visitors shall not open the Jail door to allow persons to enter or prop the door open. Visitors who leave the Jail may not re-enter unless authorized by staff.

13. Visitors are reminded that introducing into, or possessing upon, the grounds of any detention facility CONTRABAND (items such as drugs, weapons, tobacco, etc.) as defined in Florida Statute 921.22, can lead to criminal prosecution. (FS 921.22 is posted in the lobby).