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Visitations: Bay County Jail near Panama City FL

 bay panama city jail visitsVisitors to this facility must present and maintain appropriate dress, behavior and conduct in keeping with the needs of this institution.


Due to budgetary constraints for the 2012/2013 Fiscal Year, it is necessary to reduce the days and hours of visitation at the Bay County Jail. Please see below the changes effective October 15, 2012.

General Population Dorms: A, D, E & G – Wednesday thru Sunday, 12P – 8P

Segregation Dorms: C and J – Monday, 12P – 8P

  • The time of each visit will be reduced to twenty (20) minutes to ensure that each inmate has an opportunity for visits.

  • Each inmate will still be allowed 2 visits per week.

  • Each visitor will be limited to 2 visits per week unless special circumstances exist, such as multiple family members incarcerated in the facility. A request for additional visits will be considered on a case by case basis.