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Visitations: Adams County Jail Near Natchez MS


Inmate Video Visitation Only.  There is no visitation at the jail.

mississippi jail Be advised that Inmate Video Visitation is now activated.

In addition to inmate video calls, family relatives & friends can leave video messages on the video terminals for inmates.  Notices of messages will appear on the video terminals advising inmates to retrieve the message.  Note, that family, relatives & friends can only send video messages.  They are not able to make a video call direct to an inmate.  All video calls must be initiated by the inmate.

Family, relatives & friends of inmates incarcerated in the Adams County Jail must visit the HOMEWAV web site to set up accounts which will enable face-to-face video visits.  Any questions regarding accounts for inmates must be directed to HOMEWAV at 877-241-7559.


Family & friends should be advised of the following precautions in order to avoid poor quality audio or video during Inmate Video Visitation:

  •  Use only high-speed internet connections for best quality video & audio
  • Close all other windows and applications – Other window activities take up bandwidth, and will slow down reception
  • Install anti-virus software, and clean cookies, spam, viruses, etc. from computer on a regular basis – All of this can slow down a computer
  • Find the strongest signal – PC’s and Laptop’s will get the strongest signal if the Ethernet cable is plugged directly in to device.  When using Wi-Fi, move as close as possible to the router.
  • Use headphones or ear buds when using  SmartPhones to avoid audio interference (Echo).

 Call quality for cell phones will vary depending on how strong the cellular signal is.  Check the cell phone signal strength (how many bars are indicated on the cell phone signal indicator?)


  • All phone calls made by inmates are collect or family members may purchase minutes for an inmates’ account by calling Securus Technologies at 1-800-844-6591.


  • All incoming mail is delivered to inmates Monday – Friday after being inspected for contraband.
  • All mail received must have the sender’s first and last name on the return address (a complete address.)
  • NO PACKAGES will be accepted through the mail.
  • Clearly PRINT address as follows:

Adams County Sheriff’s Office
“Name of Inmate”
306 State Street
Natchez, MS 39120


Located at 306 State Street, the Adams County jail hosts an average population of 90 people per day.  With jail security being a top priority for the Sheriff’s Office, all correctional officers are required to complete 120 hours of training through the Southwest Mississippi Training Defense Academy, located on Foster Mound Road.  There, these officers are trained in self defense, CPR, first-aid, OC Spray and most officers are JPX certified.  Aside from the training officers receive at academy, they also must complete a state certified curriculum.

The Adams County Jail includes wings for both male and female inmates.  Juveniles are housed in a separate facility.  Church services are available for all inmates through our ministerial program.  Any drug, alcohol or anger management meetings or counsellings are generally court ordered.  Daily operations of the jail involve our inmates taking on the jobs of assisting food service personnel, cleaning, washing and detailing deputies’ vehicles as well as working litter detail.

The jail employs a health care provider who visits the jail 3 times a week and is on call 24/7.  Before any inmate receives or takes any medication, the health care provider must approve it before being administered.  If an inmate is on medication, a family member must bring the medication that the inmate is currently on in its original bottle.  Any medication that is out of date will not be passed along to inmates, but rather thrown away.

The Adams County Adult Detention Center now has a full-time transport deputy which transports inmates to and from any medical, court or other appointments they might have.