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Visitation: Weber County Jail near Ogden UT

Visiting Rules
Inmates who have been classified may have visitors. Inmates are allowed one or two twenty-five minute visits per week, depending on their classification level. These visits are conducted on a video monitor. Visitors must have an appointment scheduled at least one day in advance. Appointments may be scheduled in the jail lobby or online at Visitors must be appropriately dressed to visit an inmate.

Visiting Hours/Times
Visits are done by appointment only. The visitation week runs from Sunday to Saturday. Hours will vary depending upon inmates’ classification level. Available appointment times may be viewed and selected when scheduling the appointment. The visitation office is open from 8am to 9pm daily, excluding holidays.

Clergy Visits:
Visits by members of the clergy can provide an inmate with needed guidance and advice. The Weber County Correctional Facility welcomes qualified clergy visits to members of their congregation; however, there are certain restrictions and rules that do need to be adhered to.

Requirements to Visit as a Member of the Clergy…

  • To schedule the visit, call (801) 778-6700, at least 24 hours prior to the time you wish to visit.
  • You must be the head of the congregation; i.e., bishop, pastor, priest, stake president, etc .
  • You must bring proof of clergy status to the visit.
  • You will be allowed one visit per two week period. (This visit will not count against the inmate’s visitation limit)

Or, if you choose, you may schedule a visit through the normal visiting process.  In this case, the visit will count as one of the inmate’s allotted visit.

Religious access:
The Weber County Jail provides a variety of religious services.  Inmates may attend any religious meetings available for their housing unit.  We also provide various religious material for in-cell study\reading.