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Visitation : Union County Jail near El Dorado AR


Visitation privileges for inmates are essential to maintaining good morale, sustaining family life, and ensuring relationships in the community upon release. Because of limited space, staff availability, scheduling considerations, and security requirements of a detention facility, certain limits must be set out and controls established governing visits.

1. There will be no visitation on holidays unless the holiday falls on a regualr visitation day.
2. Visitation for general population inmates are on Saturdays between 7:00am-10:00am and again from 1:00pm-4:00pm. Exact visitation times for each inmate are posted in the housing areas and are based on the inmate’s housing assignment. It is the inmate’s responsibility to notify friends and family members of the exact visitation time for each inmate.
3. Visitation for Act 309 inmates assigned to the Union County Detention Center will be on Sundays between 11:00am and 5:00pm. Visitation for 309’s should not interfere with that inmate’s job duties. Should a 309 receive a visit in the middle of his job duties or is anticipated to have duties to perform during the visit, it is that 309’s responsibility to make sure that his job is covered by another 309 prior to receiving the visit.
4. All visits inmate visits must be made during the scheduled visitation times. Exceptions to posted visitation times for an inmate will only be made based on extenuating circumstances and must be pre-approved by jail administration prior to the visit.
5. All general population visits shall be non-contact visitation through the glass in the designated visitation areas. No contact visit with general population inmates is authorized unless approved in advance by the sheriff or jail administration. Contact visits are usually not approved unless special circumstances exist (death of an immediate family member, etc.).
6. All visitors shall register at the front window in the sheriff’s office lobby. A state issued photo identification card must be presented for all visitors over the age of 16 prior to entering the visitation area. An adult escort can vouch for the identity of any visitors under the age of 16.
7. Visitors may only visit the inmate that they have signed in to see. If a visitor wishes to see more than one inmate, arrangements have to be made at the time they register at the front desk. Re-registering at the front desk is required to see a second inmate.
8. Visitors may be requested to submit to a search for contraband prior to, during, or after the visitor’s meeting any inmate at this facility. A visitor’s presence at this facility for the purpose of visiting an inmate implies consent to search under this policy. Should a visitor refuse a search request, entrance to the visitation area will be denied and the visitor’s privileges to visit will be suspended indefinitely.
9. Any visitor who knowingly brings or attempts to bring any contraband onto the facility grounds shall be dealt with according to department policy governing searches for and control of contraband. The visitor’s privileges to visit will be revoked and may only be reinstated by the sheriff or jail administration. The visitor may also be subject to criminal prosecution.
10. No more than four (4) persons shall be permitted to visit an inmate during a visitation period. A person of any age is counted as one of the four except as follows: minor children, under age 18, may not visit unless accompanied by ann approved adult visitor, or upon proof of emancipation. Minor children of the inmate allowed to visit may exceed thelimit of four visitors; however, only two two approved adult visitors may accompany the minor children when the limit of four is exceeded. Any exception must be authorized in advance by jail administration. 11. Visitors will not be admitted when the apparent odor or effect of alcohol or other drugs is detected.
12. All visitors and inmates shall be respectful of others during visitation. Any behavior on the part of the inmate or the visitor that is disruptive or may impede departmental operations and order will result in denial of or termination of the visit. Disciplinary actions may also be taken.
13. Visitors will be responsible for keeping children under control. Failure to control and supervise children is grounds for termination of the visit.
14. Visitors clothing must be appropriate for the age and occasion. No halter tops, tank tops, short shorts, dresses or miniskirts, see-through clothing or camouflage attire may be worn. Brief cut or otherwise provocative clothing will not be permitted. No sleeveless tops will be allowed, shoulders must be covered at all times. No excessive sagging of pants will be permitted.
15. Visitors will only be allowed to bring the following items into the visitation area: billfold, small wallet or other carrier for photo identification, car keys, and jewelry (being worn). No purses, hand bags, packages, cell phones, food, or drink will be permitted in the visitation areas. For approved contact visits and 309 inmate visits, diapers, a baby bottle, and baby wipes for infants are the only additional items that will be approved. No other items are authorized unless approved in advance by jail administration.
16. All visitors must remain in the visitation area for the duration of the visit. Leaving the visitation area to use the restroom, use the telephone, or for any other reason will result in the termination of the visit.

All of the above rules and regulations pertaining to visitation will be strictly enforced.
Any violation of the above rules and regulations will result in the suspension of any further visits, and may also result in criminal charges if the violations are of a criminal nature.