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Visitation: Travis County Jail near Austin TX

How do I visit an inmate in person?


***ALERT: Visitation will be closed for all public visits on Tuesday, December 26, 2017 for the Christmas holiday.***

Face to Face Visit Details

You can find most of the details for you face to face visit including location and hours HERE.

You MUST Schedule Your Face to Face Visit

Face to Face visits can be scheduled at least 24-hours in advance of your visit on the Archonix website.

Inmates Must Qualify for a Face to Face Visit

In order to qualify for face-to-face visits, inmates must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be in a classified minimum, medium or maximum housing
  • Any inmate in disciplinary or other lockdown housing level status, or with a current protective order with the visitor will not be eligible for Face-to-Face visits.
  • Visitors registering for a face to face visit must do so online and 24 hours in advance. Visitors need to check in 30 minutes prior to their visit to allow time for the inmate to be brought down to visitation. Any visitors that show up late may have their visit cancelled and will need to re-register for the next available time slot.

Dress Code for Visitation

Please review the visitation dress code before arriving for your visit. You can view the rules HERE.

Visitation information can also be obtained by calling Jail Information at: 512-854-9889

How do I visit an inmate with video visitation?

On-site video visits

On-site video visits are free and available during regular Visitation Center hours. Inmates must meet the same qualifications as those required for Face to Face visits. Inmates restricted from Face to Face visits for reasons other than protective orders, disciplinary lockdown or Level status may be eligible for video visits with a Visitation Supervisor’s approval. Visitors may sign up on-line or in person for on-site video visits (map) only at the Travis County Correctional Complex. Find details about your on-site video visit HERE.

At Home video visits

At home video visits offer the visitor the convenience of visiting from home with their home computer, tablet or even a cell phone! These visits are also 20 minutes in duration, require a Securus account, and are scheduled and paid for by the visitor. At home visits are available seven (7) days per week including holidays.

Click here to register or schedule your next visit. All TCCC and TCJ on-site video visits will be administered at the TCCC Del Valle Correctional Complex. (Map)

Securus Video Visitation Tutorials

You can find online tutorials for setting up and conducting your video visitations HERE.

Visitation information can also be obtained by calling Jail Information at: 512-854-9889