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Visitation : Tom Green County Jail near San Angelo TX

Jail Visitation
Visitation Procedures
Inmates have to list each visitor’s name to the jail in advance of the visit. Your visitors will be put into a log of visitors as an authorized visitor. Each and every visitor has to provide identification. Any visitors showing up late or that is not on the visitation list will not be allowed to attend visitation.

Jail visitation policies are always changing, so you should check the official jail site before you go to visitation.

Video Visitation
Tom Green County NOW offers Video Conferencing between inmates and family, friends, clergy, and attorneys. ALL visitors must become approved prior to using this service, then you may schedule AND visit from home.

Review steps to get started –
Virtual Pamphlet (English)    Virtual Pamphlet (Español)

* REGISTER with the facility TODAY!
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* watch the tutorials to learn more…

Print, Complete, and submit this form to the Tom Green County Jail to become an approved Virtual Video Visitation Visitor
Visitor Registration Form

Virtual Visitation Tutorial
Visita Visitation Tutorial (en Espanol)

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