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Visitation: St Joseph County Jail near South Bend IN

stjoseph-visitation-scheduleJail Visitation Policies

Each person visiting an inmate in the jail must have a valid state issued identification card, a military identification card or a valid passport. No exceptions.


The St. Joseph County Jail has a dress code policy for inmate visitation.


– Conservative-Casual attire is required

– No mini-skirts or excessively short shorts

– No athletic type clothing

– No see-through clothing of any kind

– Females must wear bras

– No low-cut blouses or shirts

– No bare mid-rifts

– All shirts must have sleeves

– No hats or head coverings of any type

– No holes of any kind in clothing

– No tight fitting clothing, including spandex and leggings


In addition to the clothing requirements:


All personal items must be stored in a vehicle in the parking lot, as we do not have lockers available.

NO CELL PHONES allowed in the building and no personal items such as purses, phones, etc, are allowed in the visitation area.