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Visitation: Scott County Jail near Davenport IA


The Scott County Jail provides inmates reasonable visitation privileges in a safe and secure manner to allow inmates the opportunity to stay in close contact with family and friends.

The Jail uses video visitation to minimize the potential introduction of contraband during the visiting process and to reduce inmate movement.

The Jail provides inmates two (2) hours of video visitation per week with the exception of inmates housed as special management, which only receive one (1) hour of video visitation per week. Inmates can list up to three (3) visitors on their list with children counting towards the three (3).

Professional visitors are encouraged to conduct their visits by video visitation. Professional visitors who require contact visits must secure all items in the provided lockers with the exception of the following items:

  • One (1) pen,
  • Relevant paperwork for that client,
  • Tape recorder,
  • Valid Identification and
  • Writing materials.

The Visitation Officer coordinates the visitation process and is responsible for the following:

  • Completing criminal history and/or background checks on visitors,
  • Documenting visits,
  • Monitoring visits,
  • Providing general information to the public,
  • Scheduling visits,
  • Updating inmate visitors and
  • Updating visitor information.

Visitor Information Sheet