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Visitation Schedule for Onslow County Jail in Jacksonville NC


jacksonville nc visit jailThe Onslow County Jail staff is responsible for the daily security of the jail and care, such as medical, bedding, visits, court appearances, etc, for approximately 528 inmates. Operating the jail is very complex, due to state and federal regulations governing the jails in North Carolina. It is the professionalism and dedication of the administrators and jailers that account for the high marks the jail receives when operations are reviewed for compliance. The Jail is a confinement facility used by law enforcement agencies in Onslow County, as well as the State of North Carolina and Federal Government. A jailers’ responsibility includes:

  •  Security of the Jail and safety of the employees; public and inmates.
  •  Housing and attending to the needs of the inmates.
  •  This includes feeding, medication, bedding, personal hygiene, visitation, court liaison, etc.
Chief Detention Officer Major Zimmerman
Jail Captain Capt Jefferies