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Visitation Schedule for Henderson County Jail in Hendersonville NC

Inmate Visitation


Inmate visitation occurs on Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. Saturday is reserved for inmates with the last name A-L. Sunday is reserved for inmates with the last name M-Z. Each inmate gets two 15 minute visits with an approved person(s) on their visitation list. The same visitor cannot have both 15 minute time slots. All visitors must be on the inmate’s approved visitation list that is completed and managed solely by the inmate. We require visitors to present a valid picture ID (driver’s license/passport) before being allowed in the video room. Children under the age of 16 do not have to be on the inmate’s approved list, however they must visit with an approved adult. Visits are conducted over the video visitation system. No contact visits will be allowed except from attorneys representing inmates housed in the facility.

Family and friends that the inmate approves for their visitation list must be courteous and quiet in the lobby during visitation so that all who are having their visitation can communicate without problems. Family and friends are not to bring exotic, erotic, or nude photos or video to show over the video visitation system.

Families and friends present for visitation are to follow all staff directions at all times. Any incidents of vulgar language, disrespectful behavior and/or inappropriate comments to staff could result in immediate termination of the visitation. If an incident occurs, detention staff will ask those causing problems to exit the detention center and they will file a report with the jail administrator. Anyone refusing to leave is subject to arrest for trespassing and/or termination of visitation participation indefinitely. All incidents will be reviewed by the jail administrator for final determination of visitation access and participation.

Clergy Visits

Due to ongoing Jail business throughout the day, members of the clergy must call 24 hours in advance to set up an approved time. All visits will be conducted via the video visitation system unless receiving prior approval by Chaplain Keith Honeycutt or being a member of the Blue Ridge Jail Ministry.

Special Family Visits

Special requests from families to visit on non-visitation days must be made one week in advance due to facility security issues and scheduling purposes. Family members must be on the inmate’s approved visitation list, which is created and managed solely by the inmate. These visits are only allowed for extenuating circumstances (family emergencies, visitors who live out of town with commutes too long for weekend visits) and must be approved by either the Jail Administrator or Asst. Jail Administrator.

Inmate Mail

Inmates are not allowed to receive cards, stickers, photos, pictures (hand drawn or photo copied). No extra writings or drawings are allowed on the outside of the envelope. If any of the above items occur or are mailed to an inmate the correspondence will be returned to sender.

We require that the sender provide their full name and address. If this information is not provided the correspondence will be returned to sender if at all possible. If there is no return address provided the correspondence will be placed in the inmate’s property.

Packages are not accepted at the Detention Center. Any books that are mailed have to be mailed directly from the distributor (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.) and books must be paperback.


Henderson County Detention Center

The Henderson County Detention Center is a modern facility first opened in 2001. We have a total of 222 beds housed in 5 different housing units. One of the unique designs about this facility is the ability to transfer inmates directly from the detention center to the Henderson County Courthouse without leaving the confines of the structure. We were also the first facility in the Carolinas to use a video visitation system for inmates and their visitors.

Our primary purpose is the safe custody and control of inmates housed at the facility. A list of agencies that we support in housing their inmates include: Henderson County Sheriff’s Office, Hendersonville, Laurel Park and Fletcher Police Departments, N.C. Highway Patrol and others. We are also in the enviable position of currently having more beds than county inmates to house; this allows us to house inmates for other counties who are facing an inmate housing shortage.

If a family member or acquaintance of an inmate becomes aware of any medical issues or mental health crisis affecting an inmate being housed at the detention center, please contact the medical/mental health unit of the detention center.  If it is after hours or on the weekend, please contact the supervisor on duty.