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Visitation Schedule for Gaston County Jail near Gastonia NC


425 North Marietta St.
Gastonia, N.C. 28053

Inmates will have the opportunity to visit with family or friends on the scheduled visiting days. These visits will be conducted in the inmate visiting area. Prior to receiving any visit, inmates must fill out a visitation form with a list of people that each inmate wishes to have as a visitor. Your name must be on the visitation form in order to visit with an inmate. At the time of the visit all information will be verified.

Visitors must obey all rules of the Gaston County Jail. Visitors who become loud, disruptive, or who appear intoxicated will be removed and/or banned from the Gaston County Sheriff’s Office.

All visitors over the age of 16 must have valid I.D. to visit. Anyone under 15 years of age can visit with an adult who has a valid I.D.

Visiting will be limited to fifteen (15) minutes per inmate.

Main Jail Visitation Schedule:  (Visitation conducted by last name)

(Schedule may vary due to holidays)

  • Monday – A B C D E F
  • Tuesday – G H I J K L
  • Wednesday – M N O P Q R S
  • Thursday – T U V W X Y Z

Times:   1:00pm – 4:00PM AND 6:30PM – 9:00PM


Worker inmates  Receive two 15 minute visits:  One on Tuesday and one on Thursday during these times.

All Inmates that are classified as “PROTECTIVE CUSTODY” OR “CLOSED CUSTODY” will receive their visits between the hours of 8:00PM and 9:00PM.

ANNEX Visitation Schedule:  (Visitation conducted by last name)

SATURDAY:  A – M  1:00PM – 8:00PM

SUNDAY:   N – Z  1:00PM – 8:00PM


All financial transactions for inmates will be handled through the contract provider Tech Friends. A Kiosk to accept money for inmates will be placed in the main lobby of the Gaston County Sheriff’s Office and the lobby of the Gaston County Jail Annex. Funds can be added to an inmate’s account via the Kiosk or online at


Jail Inmates are encouraged to maintain community ties by corresponding with their family and friends. All mail is subject to being searched for contraband and content that may threaten the security or safety of the jail, or contributes to any other illegal activities. Legal mail may be opened in the presence of the inmate to search for contraband.

Unacceptable Items in Inmate Correspondence

The following is a list of items that if sent by mail will not be accepted into the GCSO jail facilities. The list includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Illicit or enticing photos
  • Material containing instructions for the manufacture of explosives, drugs, or other unlawful substances.
  • Material advocating violence within the facility.
  • Material advocating racial, religious, or national hatred.
  • Material advocating and encouraging sexual behavior.
  • Material that is pornographic, illicit, erotic, and enticing in nature.
  • Gang-related material including signs and/or symbols.
  • Perfume sprayed on the envelope or letter
  • Glued contents, paperclips, clasps
  • Profanity on envelope

Mail for inmates incarcerated in the Gaston County Jail System must be mailed to the following address:

Inmate: First, Middle, Last Name
Gaston County Jail
PO Box 1578
Gastonia, NC 28053

  • If items of contraband are found in the envelope, the entire envelope (along with its contents) will be returned to the sender unless contraband is illegal. This will be confiscated and possible charges will be filed.
  • Any mail that is received for an inmate without a return address will be returned to the Post Office unopened.

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