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Visitation : Rogers County Jail near Claremore OK


visitations rogers okRogers County Jail offers video based visitation.

You may visit on-site via the Visitation Kiosk, or ICS provides you the ability to schedule and participate in visitations with your loved one from the safety and comfort of your home.

  • No need to travel to the facility – eliminate the cost of gas, food, hotel stays, and excessive time off of work
  • No need to wait in lines waiting for a visitation time
  • No need to leave your possessions in the car
  • Convenient, scheduled visitations – receive email updates and reminders

Both On-Site or At Home Visitation appointments may be made by:

  1. One of the visitation kiosks located in the lobby.
  2. Online at or 1.866.345.1884


The Detention Division of the Sheriff’s Office operates the county jail facility. The men and women serving in the Detention Division are responsible for the security of the facility and guarding inmates housed at the Rogers County Jail.

The detention officers are charged with preventing escapes and operating the jail in a manner compliant with the many rules and regulations required by state and federal law. The detention officers work in a difficult and often dangerous environment and have a tremendous amount of responsibility in the day-to-day operations. The detention officers are responsible for the custody, welfare, services and programs of the inmate population and provide for the security of the general public.

Basic Jail information and Policies

  1. Address is 201 S Cherokee, Claremore OK 74017, address the letter to the inmate as if you were mailing the letter to the inmate’s home. You may send 3 appropriate photos to the inmate inside the letter.  You may not send newspaper clippings or other items in the letter.  The letter must have a complete return address including name or the letter will be returned.  We will not accept any mail dropped off at the office or any mail that is not sent through the mail system.
  2. Commissary is only ordered on Tuesday mornings, the money for their commissary “books” is deposited into the black kiosk in the lobby.  The machine accepts cash only.  The money must be deposited by NO LATER than Tuesday at 8:00 AM, in order for the money to be available for that weeks order. All commissary orders are NON-REFUNDABLE.  If the inmate orders commissary and gets out before it is received he/she CANNOT get a refund. They will be able to pick up the commissary items at the jail. The inmates are notified of their account balances daily via kiosks.
  3. Commissary funds are only released to the inmate ONLY.  We DO NOT release the inmate’s funds to anyone else for any reason!  Once the inmate is release he/she will be responsible for coming into the front office and receiving a check for the balance. If the inmate is transferred out to another facility the money follows them to that new facility.
  4. You may not bring any item in for the inmate.  They receive their basic hygiene packet when they are booked in. The only exceptions to this rule are: Medications, denture paste, contacts and solution, and items for trustees. All items must be clearly marked with the inmate’s name and all items must be dropped off at the Night Bail Bonds Door.
    1. Medication must have a prescription label with the inmates name or prior approval from the RC Jail medical staff for medication not prescribed.
    2. Trustee items: you will be notified if your inmate is assigned to a trustee and they will be able to tell you what they need.
    3. Books/Bibles are NO longer accepted at the jail.  The only books/bibles that are accepted must be shipped by the publisher/bookstore directly to the inmate at the jail.
    4. We do not take any notes or messages for the inmates at the front counter.
    5. Court information is available through the court clerk’s office at the court house.  All court is held at the courthouse, we no longer hold court in our building, and this includes video court.  When a subject is booked into jail on a new charge the paperwork goes over to the courthouse and awaits a judge to set the bond amounts.  Most of the time we do not get this information until approximately 4:00pm.
    6. Bonds: if you are paying a cash bond you will need to pay that at the Night Bailbonds Door on the north-west corner of the building (north side of the big garage).  The Night bail bonds door is also where you will meet a bondsman if you have hired one to bond the inmate out.


Inmate mail must be addressed to:

Inmate Name
c/o Rogers County Jail
201 South Cherokee
Claremore, OK 74017

All inmate mail (with some exception to legal mail protected by the attorney/client privilege) is subject to search. Contraband items will be confiscated and criminal charges may be filed for attempting to introduce contraband items into the jail.

Inmates may send unlimited mail but stamped envelopes must be purchased by the inmate through the commissary.


Inmates are permitted free-of-charge telephone use under limited circumstances to include Booking and Status Changes.

Collect-Call telephones are available to inmates.

All inmate telephone communications are subject to monitoring and recording.

The Collect-Call telephone system in use by the Rogers County Jail affords the called number the ability to refuse calls and block calls from being received. Threatening or harassing phone calls should be reported immediately to the jail.