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Visitation: McMinn County Jail near Athens TN

How do I visit or call an inmate at the McMinn Jail?

Inmate visitation times are set according to the area the inmate is housed in. A schedule of visitation times is available in the Justice Center lobby, or you may call Jail Central Control at 745-5620.

Inmates may not receive phone calls, but the Inmate Phone System allows inmates to place calls out of the jail. Contact the Jail for instructions how to place funds on an inmate phone account.

  1. How do I find out how to bond someone out of jail?

    Bonds are set by the courts, not by the Sheriff. Diferent charges have different bonds, and at times bonds may be revoked or denied entirely. Bonds may either be paid directly at the jail or a local bonding company may be contacted (see local listings).

    It is important to remember that it is the policy of the McMinn SO that only inmates may chose a bonding company.

    If you have a question, view the Online Inmate Roster or call Jail Booking at 745-5620.

  2. Can I drop off property or money to an inmate at the McMinn Co Jail?

    No property is accepted at the McMinn Jail. Inmates pare provided necessary clothing and bedding, and any additioanl items may be purchased by the inmate through the Jail Commissary.

    To deposit money (cash/depit) on an inmate account, a kiosk is located for your convenience in the Justice Center lobby. If you need help, an officer will assist you.

    1. Can I transfer funds to an Inmate Commissary Account over the phone or the internet?

      Yes you can. Simply go to, or call 888-277-2535.

      You will need the following information:

      1.Facility Code: MMI

      2. Your debit or credit card

      3. Pay Location Code 5500

      4. Inmate #

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    Reporting Crimes and Other Information

    1. Can I report a crime without anyone knowing I said anything?

      Certainly. We take great efforts to protect sources of information. We never share your name with anyone.

      You can call the Justice Center and leave a message, send the Sheriff a private message on Facebook, or email us at [email protected]