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Visitation : Marion County Jail near Palmyra MO

1. Inmate must be in custody seven (7) days before a visit is allowed.
2. Inmates are allowed two Onsite and three Remote visit per week for 20 minutes.
3. Each Visit is limited to three (3) persons at a time.
4. Children can visit on both days.
5. Visitors are subject to STAFF approval. If you are a co-defendant in a case involving the inmate you wish to visit, STOP! You will not be allowed to visit.
6. Out of town visitors traveling 100 miles or more are limited to 1 hour visit a month. You must fill out a visitation form and be approved prior to an hour visit, this form must be turned in the Thursday prior to the visit before noon. This does not guarantee an hour visit. The form can be mailed to the jail. Click here to download the form.

Inmates can only have 2 visits per week Onsite visits per week, so visitors must be sure to schedule their visits with other family and friends.