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Visitation: Lamar County Jail near Paris TX

paris-texas-jail-visitsJail Visitation Rules

  • All  inmates have a right to the following types of professional visits:
  1. A) Attorney – non contact unless scheduled with administration
  2. B) Approved members of clergy – non contact
  3. C) Bonding agent – (contact) only to write the actual bond
  4. D) H.S. –  non contact unless scheduled with administration


  • All other visitations are a privilege that can be prohibited from the inmate and / or visitor if the inmate and or visitor do not follow the following; however, are not limited to:
  1. A) If an inmate is involved in a violation of the rules.
  2. B) If the jail is on a lock down status
  3. C) If a potential visitor  fails a background check
  4. D) If a visitor acts disrespectful in any way
  5. E) If the dress code is not followed
  6. F) If a visitor appears to be or even acts to be impaired, due to alcohol; a prescription drug; or non prescription drug.


  • All inmates in general population have non contact visitation, and are only allowed 3 visitors at one time. They are given the opportunity to visit for 30 minutes a week.
  • All inmate worker visitations are contact (non-conjugal), and are only allowed 5 visitors at one time. They are given the opportunity to visit for 1 hour a week.

It is up to the inmate and or family/friends to fill out a visitation form located at the jail, or can be faxed or emailed by a request made to the officer in charge of visitation at either

  1. A) 601-794-3562 (office number)
  2. B) [email protected]gov (e mail)
  3. C) 601-794-1002  (fax)


Once the visitation form is filled out completely, and it is turned in, the back ground check can take 7 to 10 business days before knowing if the visitor is approved.

It is the inmate’s and or friend / family’s responsibility to check with the visitation officer to verify the status of who can visit.

Once a person has been approved for that particular inmate, they can visit according to the inmate’s visitation schedule. However, in the case of inmates being housed in general population, only the first three visitors will be allowed in. In the case of inmate workers, only the first 5 visitors will be allowed in. We do not allowed shared time, so once the visitor signed in they will be the only people allowed to visit for that scheduled hour.

If a visitor comes into the facility for a visit and chooses to leave early, an officer will escort the visitor out, and they will not be allowed come back in until the next scheduled visit.

There are no restrooms in the secured visitation area, so it is recommended that visitors use the restroom before coming to the facility.

Inmates in the facility are housed in certain cells according to certain criteria determined by the jail administration. Some inmates are placed directly into a cell that they will not move from, however most inmates will be placed into cell 191 temporarily before being moved to a bigger cell if it appears they might be in the facility for longer than 3 – 4 days. It is the responsibility of the friends and or family of the inmate to call the facility the day of the visit to verify that the inmate is still on his/her scheduled visiting time.


It is also recommend that anyone coming to the facility to visit an inmate arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled visitation time, to ensure no issues will occur that will hinder your time to visit with any inmate, because all visits are scheduled with no lapse time.


  • Items required at the time of  each visitation:
  1. A) Government issued identification with picture
  2. B) If a juvenile is attending visitation they must have a legal adult with them, however they do not have to be on the visitation list. The juvenile will not have to produce an I.D. and there is not an age limit of the juvenile, however we ask that the adult in charge be respectful of other visitors.
  • Items not allowed to be brought into the facility during visitation, but not limited to the following:
  1. A) Heavy Coats
  2. B) Cell Phones
  3. C) Weapons of any type
  4. D) Cameras, or any type of audio; picture; and/or video devices
  5. E) Food items
  6. F) tobacco


All visitors that enter into the Lamar County Jail are subject to be searched.