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Visitation: Kittitas County Jail near Ellensburg WA

How do I visit an inmate?

kittitas-county-jail-washington-visitationIt is up to the inmate to request the visit 24 hours in advance and notify their visitors of the date and time of their visit. Inmates can request up to 2 adults and their children per visit. We will not limit the number of children coming in to see their family member. All visits will be held via video visitation. To visit an inmate from home you must set up an account to visit. Please go to or call 1-877-578-3658. There is a fee to visit from home.

Please bring Photo ID to enter our facility. Visitors must be 18 years of age or older to visit an inmate. If you are under 18, you must be accompanied or visiting a parent or legal guardian. The visits are up to 30 minutes long.

Visitors that are rude, disrespectful or not dressed appropriately will be denied their visit and asked to leave the facility.

Everything that comes into this facility is subject to search. Please bring only your picture ID.

Kittitas County Corrections Inmate’s Out Time for Video Visitation

Monday:                                                                                              Tuesday:

7:00am: A-mod and Q-mod                                                                7:00am: Top Annex

9:30am: C-mod, E-mod and K-mod                                                    9:30am:

12:00 (Noon): D-mod and F/G-mod                                                   12:00 (Noon): H-mod and Bottom Annex

2:30pm: H-mod and Bottom Annex                                                    2:30pm: B-mod and K-mod

5:00pm: L-mod                                                                                    5:00pm: A-mod, C-mod, E-mod and Q-mod

7:30pm: B-mod and Top Annex                                                          7:30pm: D-mod, F/G mod and L-mod

Wednesday:                                                                                        Thursday:

7:00am: E-mod and L-mod                                                                  7:00am: Top Annex

9:30am: A mod and Q-mod                                                                 9:30am:

12:00 (Noon): B-mod and Top Annex                                                 12:00 (Noon): D-mod, F/G-mod and K-mod

2:30pm: C-mod and K-mod                                                                 2:30pm: C-mod, E-mod, L-mod, Bottom Annex

5:00pm: D-mod and F/G –mod                                                            5:00pm: B-mod

7:30pm: H-mod and Bottom Annex                                                     7:30pm: A-mod, H-mod and Q-mod

Friday:                                                                                                   Saturday:

7:00am: B-mod and K-mod                                                                 7:00am: D-mod and F/G-mod

9:30am: D-mod and F/G-mod                                                             9:30am: C-mod and E-mod

12:00 (Noon): E-mod and H-mod                                                       12:00 (Noon): B-mod and Bottom Annex

2:30pm: L-mod and Top Annex                                                          2:30pm: A-mod and Q-mod

5:00pm: A-mod and Q-mod                                                               5:00pm: K-mod and L-mod

7:30pm: C-mod and Bottom Annex                                                    7:30pm: H-mod and Top Annex


7:00am: H-mod

9:30am: L-mod and Bottom Annex

12:00 (Noon): A-mod and Q-Mod

2:30pm: B-mod and Top Annex

5:00pm: C-mod and E-mod

7:30pm: D-mod, F/G-mod and K-mod

J-mod times each day are 7:00am – 9:30am and 7:30pm – 8:00pm