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Visitation : Galveston County Jail near City of Galveston TX

The schedule of visitation will be made available to the Parents/Guardians no later that the second day of detention, parents should call and request to speak with the Intake Officer on duty for the respective visitation schedule.
galveston tx inmate visits in jail
Only parents, guardians, and approved visitors will be allowed to visit. Visitation is to be conducted between the hours of 6:15pm-7:45pm according to the unit assignment of the resident listed below. Visitation is limited to two visitors in the visitation area at any given time. Residents will be allowed thirty (30) minutes total visitation time. In the event that more than two approved visitors arrive for visitation, the total visitation time may be divided among the visitors. Those individuals listed as approved visitors must provide picture ID prior to entry. Visitation must remain orderly at all times. Visitors will not be allowed to enter visitation with bags, purses, cell phones, or other accessories. Visitors should be aware that smoking, eating, and delivery of contraband during visitation are strictly prohibited. Failure to adhere to the rules concerning visitation will result in the immediate termination of the visit and administrative review regarding future visitation restrictions (e.g., non-contact visitation).
 No sisters, brothers, or anyone other than parents or guardians are allowed to visit; if the parent or guardian would like for someone other than themselves to visit their child, permission must be granted by the Deputy Director-Detention, or Detention Superintendent. The facility will make provisions for special visit (e.g., Texas Youth Commission transports) on days that are not normal visitation days. Resident’s attorneys are permitted to visit at anytime during detention stay. If you need to contact please call (409) 770-5900.
 If parents are divorced, the parent with legal custody of the child will have first priority to visit. It will be left up to the discretion of the Intake Officer on duty if the second parent will be permitted to see the child; if he or she comes later. That is if time is available during the visitation time. It would be advisable to have both parents mutually agree to see the child together or split the visitation time. Example: Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle are approved, the mom and dad can visit together and then the Aunt and Uncle can be allowed the remaining time for a visit.
If a child makes a phone call at night during visitation hours, he/she will not be allowed to have a visitor since this is considered a visit.
The Juvenile Justice Center provides soap and deodorant for all juveniles during the course of their stay. In the event the juvenile needs special or medicated soap or deodorant, it will be the responsibility of the parent or guardian to provide it.
Visitation Schedule
Unit Phone Visitation
A Saturday Saturday
B Friday Monday
C Monday Friday
D Sunday Wednesday