Bond Out Faster

Visitation: Fayette County Jail near Uniontown PA

Visiting Schedule
Main Prison 
Visiting is from 6:30 pm – 9:30pm, two (2) visitors for one-half (1/2) hour.
If the inmate’s last name begins with A thru F — visiting is on Sundays;
If the inmate’s last name begins with G thru L — visiting is on Monday;
If the inmate’s last name begins with M thru R — visiting is on Tuesday;
If the inmate’s last name begins with S thru Z — visiting is on Saturday
There is no visiting on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.
Call for visiting schedule (724-430-1222)
Times vary; Monday thru Friday 8:05 am – 10:35 am depending on housing unit.
Visitors can and will be denied under the following circumstances
** You are not on the inmates visiting list
** Cannot produce a proper identification card
** You are inappropriately dressed
** You appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
** Improper behavior by you or the inmate
** If you refuse to submit to a search
** Insufficient space available in the visiting area
** Defacing, destroying or planting or contraband.
     Criminal charges may result with this behavior.
** Any state of emergency
** Any condition that the Lieutenant or Shift Commander feels is a threat
    to the security of the Prison.
** If previously incarcerated, you must be released at least sixty (60)
    days before you are allowed to return to visit an inmate.
Visitor Guidelines
When visiting the Prison or Prison Annex,
please adhere to the following guidelines
Visitors are only permitted to have his/her driver’s license in their possession.  Keys and other forms of contraband will be locked in the visitors lockers.
Upon your arrival, notify the Lieutenant or Shift Commander using the call box located at the entrance door.  Give your name and the name of the inmate you wish to visit.  Have your identification readily available for verification.
Proper identification are forms of the following:  a driver’s license with a current address, a photo identification card with a current address, active military identification card, or passports with current addresses.
The following garments are not permitted: halter tops, half shirts, tube tops, “short-shorts”, micro-mini skirts, fishnet stockings, see through blouses and other provocative garments.  All blouses, shirts, and tops must extend to or beyond the belt line.  Visitors may not wear gang style clothing or colors.
Prison staff reserves the right to deny anyone visiting privileges because of inappropriate dress or conduct.