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Visitation: Clark County Jail near Longview WA

Inmate Visit / Phones / Email

Visit an inmate from the comfort of your home or office for $7.99!!!

For more information about or to begin scheduling both ON-SITE and FROM HOME visits, please visit
 You are responsible for correctly scheduling your visits.  The scheduling system DOES NOT account for each inmate’s time out of their cell.  All visits must be scheduled 24 hours in advance.
All scheduled visits must begin AND end within the inmate’s out time.

Notice: Inmates housed in C13 and C14 now have new Visitation times:
(These changes only effect these two cells in the female unit)
Tuesdays 09:00 am-10:00am & Thursdays 12:00 pm-01:00pm
Off-Site/Internet paid visitation times:
Sunday: 12:00-3:00pm Monday: 4:30pm-7:30pm Tuesday:  09:00-12:00 Wednesday: 7:30pm-10:30pm
Thursday:  12:00-3:00pm Friday: 4:30pm-7:30pm Saturday:  09:00am-12:00

Voicemail messages can also be left for inmates. The price for an inmate voice-mail is $1.99. The voice-mail length is 45 seconds or less. Call (360) 355-3331, and select option 1 to leave a voice-mail today!

Check Visitation Times Now

The above link takes you to the scheduling website, you will be leaving the Cowlitz county website.

The above link takes you to the scheduling website, you will be leaving the Cowlitz county website.

Visiting information:

Inmates will be allowed two, 20 minute, onsite video visits, per week.  The onsite visits will be free.  With remote video visitation, inmates will be allowed an unlimited number of visits per week to the extent appointments are available.  The cost of a 20 minute remote visit for friends and family will be $7.99.

Video visits will be monitored for compliance with jail rules and all participants will be required to adhere to the rules.  Those who violate the rules will be barred from using the system.

All visitation times are subject to the listed visitation times of the inmate you are trying to visit, and is also subject to an inmate being available during that visitation time.  Check the inmate list now for current visitation times. A few reasons an inmate may not be available during their visitation time are as follows:

1. Attorney Visits
2. Chaplain Visits
3. Elective groups (eg, Church, Bible Study, Anger Management, etc)
4. Disciplinary Lockdown
5. Any other reason deemed necessary by jail staff

Visits made at the jail are free.

Visitation INITIATED AT THE JAIL is limited to one 20 minute visit per inmate per day and only two visits each week.

Example 1: Inmate Smith has one visit that lasts 20 minutes. Inmate Smith cannot visit anyone again until the following day.
Example 2: Inmate Smith has two people show up to the jail for visitation. The two people showed up and visited 15 minutes. A third visitor shows up later and is turned away because inmate Smith only gets one visit per day.


Dress Code

  1. Visitors clothing must not be revealing.
  2. Everyone must have shoes on, including children.
  3. Clothing with vulgar pictures and/or writing will not be allowed.
  4. NO:
  • –      Low-cut tops (no cleavage showing)
  • –      See-through tops
  • –      Short-shorts or mini skirts
  • –      Bare midriffs


  1. Each adult visitor is allowed to have two of their own children or two of the inmate’s children under the age of 18 accompany them.  Children must remain seated with the visitor during the visit.  Children will be prohibited from visiting if they cannot behave
  2. Any violation of the visiting rules or any inappropriate conduct will cause you to lose visiting privileges.
  3. No food or drinks are allowed in the jail lobby.
  4. No cameras or cell phone usage during visits.
  5. There is no limit to the number of inmates you may visit in a day.
  6. Each inmate is allowed one 20-minute visit on their visiting day. (online visits are not counted against this time limit)
  7. Holiday visitation at the jail is restricted to online visitation only.

NOTE: At any time and without prior notice, visitation can be stopped or denied for undisclosed safety and/or security concerns.