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Visitation: Clackamas County Jail near Oregon City OR

clackamas-inmate-visitsClackamas County Jail: Citizen Visiting Policy

It is Clackamas County Jail policy to provide unrestricted inmates the ability to maintain personal communications and ties with friends and family in the community in order to facilitate their future transition from jail life to community life. It is our policy to ensure that the safety, security, order, and efficient operation of the jail is maintained while using the least restrictive means possible to regulate the general inmate to public visiting.

This information is provided so that you may more fully understand our inmate visitation policy.

The deputy on duty is expected to adhere to this policy, as are all visitors. Please do not ask the deputy to make exceptions in the enforcement of this policy, unless your situation is a justifiable emergency.

Your cooperation in these rules is appreciated.

The Jail Visiting List

Each inmate may have up to six (6) different visitors on their visiting list. Inmates must provide the Jail with the following for each visitor on the visiting list:


  • full name;
  • date of birth;
  • phone number; and
  • current physical address.


No person(s) will be allowed to visit who are not on the list or have been listed incorrectly on the visiting form.

A jail visiting list form will be given to each inmate when they are issued their jail inmate manual before the inmate is housing. This form must be filled out and returned to the operations Sergeant or designee for disposition.

Inmates will not be allowed to visit for the first 72 hours of incarceration while the jail performs a criminal background check on all visitors on the list.

Inmates may only add or delete names on their visitor list after they have been confined for 30 days and then each 30 days thereafter. Exceptions may be made for inmates upon written request to and approval by the Jail Commander or his/her designee.

All regular inmates not in Disciplinary Status may have visiting at the scheduled times set by the Jail Commander. Inmates on Disciplinary Status will not be allowed to visit. Any disturbances caused by visitors will result in the termination of the visit.

Visitation Rules

  1. Visitation is by appointment only. Appointments may be scheduled up to one week in advance, but no fewer than 3 days in advance.
  2. Each inmate is permitted a maximum of four visitors per week. Each visitor can only visit twice per week.
  3. All visitors must properly identify themselves upon arriving at the jail. (Each visitor must have a government-issued photo ID indicating their date of birth; each minor child visiting must have a state-issued birth certificate).
  4. All visitors will maintain a calm, quiet, and orderly demeanor for the entire length of the visit.
  5. Visitors arriving after the start of their scheduled session will not be allowed to visit.
  6. Visitors appearing to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be admitted into visiting.
  7. Proper attire is required at all times. Any attire that is worn in an overly sexually provocative manner, or that is associated with gang apparel, is sensational, dangerous, or could be viewed as offensive in nature is prohibited.
  8. The parent or legal guardian of a minor child must maintain close supervision of that child before, during and after each visit. Children will never be left unattended for any reason.
  9. Smoking, eating and drinking are prohibited inside the Jail Visitation Lobby.
  10. Minor children of inmates who are less than twelve (12) years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of eighteen (18) years during their visit.
  11. At no time will a person under age 18 be allowed to visit, an inmate, unless proof can be shown that the visiting minor is the natural child, formal step-child or spouse of the inmate (i.e. via birth certificate or marriage certificate).
  12. Inmates will be allowed only one adult visitor (over twelve [12] years of age) in the visiting room at one time.
  13. No visitor will be allowed to visit an inmate until a thorough background check has been performed. A negative background check will bar a visitor from seeing an inmate.
  14. Each inmate may have up to six (6) different visitors on their visiting list. Minor children over twelve (12) years of age will count as one of the inmates six (6) visitors.
  15. No persons will be allowed to visit who are not listed, or who have been listed incorrectly, on the inmates visiting list.
  16. Inmates who turn in a visiting list will not be allowed visits for the first seventy-two (72) hours (or longer depending upon circumstances).
  17. Cell phones are not allowed into the visiting area.

How to Schedule a Visit by Internet

  1. You must supply jail staff with an email address PRIOR to scheduling visits via the Internet.
  2. Using the temporary password our staff emails to you, log on to schedule your visit at
  3. Follow the prompts to change your password and schedule a visit.  Visitation must be scheduled at least 3 days in advance.
  4. Arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled appointment time and check in.

While the preferred method is internet, you can also schedule in person or by telephone.

How to Schedule a Visit by Phone

  1. The visitation scheduling line is 503-722-6575 and staffed daily from 10:30 a.m. to 12 noon.  The inmate you’re visiting must submit your name and you must pass a background check before the staff can schedule an appointment.
  2. We are unable to pass any messages to inmates.  Please contact Telmate if you wish to leave a voicemail for an inmate at 1-866-516-0115.
  3. Eligible visitors must schedule an appointment at least 3 days in advance.  Visitors must check in 15 minutes prior to scheduled appointment times.

Visiting Days and Times

Visiting days and times will be as defined in the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Division memorandum and directives and may be changed as the need of the Corrections Division prescribes. Visiting may at any time be terminated due to a disturbance within the correctional facility or inmates disruptive behavior or actions. It is the responsibility of the inmate to notify his or her visitors if their visiting times change.

The end time of each session is the time that all visits are to be completed.

General visiting hours each day are as follows:

• 8 to 10:30 a.m.
• 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.
• 7 to 9:30 p.m.

Those individuals on administrative segregation are assigned specific hours for visiting. All rules for general visiting apply.

For those in administrative segregation, visiting hours are as follows:

Monday – Friday
8 to 9:30 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday
7:30 to 9 a.m.

Visitor Behavior and Regulations

It will be the responsibility of the inmate to advise all of their visitors for a particular day. All visitors must arrive at the same time and at least (15) fifteen minutes prior to the hour of half-hour before they want to visit. Failure of a visitor to arrive on time, without proper ID, or dressed inappropriately will result in the visit being denied.

All visitors will be required to show photo identification except for minor children of the inmate, who will be required to posses a legal birth certificate.

  1. Minor children, of inmates, who are (12) twelve years of age or older will count as one of the inmates (6) visitors. These minor children may visit without a parent or guardian present.
  2. In the case of minor children, of the inmates, who are less then (12) twelve years of age must be accompanied, during their visit, by a parent or guardian over (18) eighteen years of age.
    • The parent or guardian will count as a visitor, but the minor child will not.
    • The parent or guardian will be responsible for maintaining the control of the minor child. Children who are disruptive or otherwise out of control will be told to leave the Clackamas County Jail and visiting will be terminated for that day.
  3. At no time will a person under the age of (18) eighteen be allowed to visit, an inmate, unless proof can be shown that the visiting minor is the natural child, formal step-child or grandchild of spouse of the inmate.
    • Natural children and grandchildren, of the inmates, must have a copy of their birth certificate. Formal stepchildren must have a copy of their birth certificate along with their parent presenting photo identification.
    • Minors who are married to an inmate must show photo identification and a marriage license as proof before visiting will be allowed.

Additional Rules

All persons visiting in the jail will maintain a calm, quiet, and orderly demeanor for the entire length of the visit. Order and efficient operation in the jail is a delicate balance and must be preserved at all times, therefore, the on duty supervisor will closely monitor this balance when visitors are in the facility.

  1. The supervisor may warn visitors who are being loud, disruptive, or disorderly to restore the needed demeanor immediately within the facility. If order is not immediately restored, the supervisor will require the visitor(s) to leave the facility.
  2. Anytime the supervisor causes a visitor to leave the facility for causing a disturbance, a special report will be written by the corrections deputy working the area where the disruption occurred.
  3. A supervisor may, at his discretion, issue a ‘Notice of Expulsion’ to a disruptive visitor excluding them from the facility for a set period. The expulsion may be appealed to the facility commander within 10 days. The facility commander’s decision is final.
  4. Visitors may be asked to submit to a non-invasive ‘pat search’ if the supervisor has reasonable suspicion the visitor may have contraband, and/or items used to defeat the jail safety and security. Criteria for pat search would be (but not limited to) bulging clothing in odd places, large containers such as paper bags, suitcases, etc., persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  5. Visitors must be appropriately dressed:
    • Non-revealing shirt, pants and shoes for males.
    • Non-revealing blouse, pants, (or dress) and shoes for females.

Violations of above may result in expulsion from facility for visitors, formal or informal inmate discipline or criminal action depending on the severity of the violation(s) for inmates involved.

Visitor Protection

Every effort will be made, by all staff members, to protect visitors while they are on the grounds or inside the facility of the Clackamas County Jail. Visitors include, but are not limited to: visitors for inmates, visitors for staff, outside repair workers, construction workers, visitors from other departments and divisions.

  1. Protection includes protection from inmates, dangerous areas, dangerous situations, and circumstances that may result in physical, mental or emotional injury.
  2. This protection may be accomplished by requiring that all P&P, all department rules and regulations, medical department protocols, and OSHA rules are strictly followed.
  3. All staff should remain on high alert while any visitors are on the grounds or inside the facility of the Clackamas County Jail.