Bond Out Faster

Visitation: Chippawa County Jail near City of Montevideo MN

Notes for Friends and Family:

  • Friends and family can now schedule visits over the internet from home.
    • You can sign-up for both on-site and home visitations at
    • Visits from home are 20 minutes long and cost $20 At-home visits can be scheduled every day of the week from 8 am – 10 pm.
    • See FAQs

Instructions for Public Use of Video Visitation Terminal

  1. The terminal number is in the upper right corner of the screen. It is labeled with the location and then the number of terminal in the location (I.E. Visitor_1, Visitor_2, etc). 
  2. The clock in the bottom right corner of the screen shows the system time.
    1. Don’t log-in before the visit is scheduled. It won’t recognize you until the time you are scheduled to visit. 
  3. At the time of your visit, press the “Video Visitation” icon. 
  4. A keyboard will pop up.
    1. Enter your assigned 6 digit pin number. 
  5. You will see a red box notifying you that the visit is recorded and monitored.
    1. Your camera will show up in the bottom left corner of the screen to show you how you appear to the visitor.
    2. The lights will come on. 
  6. Important: The visit takes about 30 seconds to show up on your screen. DON’T PANIC if it doesn’t start right away. If the warning shows, the camera shows and the lights are on, then your visitor will show up as soon as he/she is logged in.chippawa-inmate-visits