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Visitation: Canyon County Jail near Caldwell ID

Inmate visitation at the Canyon County Jail has transitioned to a video only system provided by Getting Out. Two 30 minute, on-site visits will be provided at no cost to each inmate per week. These visits are not cumulative.

Visitors should be present in the jail lobby 5 minutes before their scheduled visit. Inmates will visit via video terminal from their housing unit. Additional “on-site” visitation will be provided Monday-Sunday for an additional cost of $0.25 / min in 30minute blocks, ($7.50). Additional paid visits are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Remote (off site) video visiting is available to friends,family, and others via the Internet. This video visit may be conducted from any high-speed Internet connection with an available web cam, microphone, & speakers. The cost for this new service will be $0.66 / min in 30 minute blocks, ($20.00). Again, there will be no limit to the number of visits as space is available.

To schedule an inmate visit Getting Out, or use the kiosks in the jail lobby to register and schedule an appointment.

Inmate visitation is a privilege and may be denied for disciplinary reasons or operational necessity.

Video visitations are available 7 days a week from: 8-10:30am, 12-4:30 pm, and 7-11:00 pm. It is the responsibility of the inmate to communicate their allowed visit times to prospective visitors. Inmates will not be permitted to visit during their lockdown time.

All video visitation is subject to recording and monitoring.