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Visitation : Blount County Jail near Maryville TN


To participate in visitation, inmates and visitors must comply with the following rules procedures:

An inmate must complete a Visitation Form given to him or her after cell assignment by Corrections Officers in the housing pods. Only those noted on an inmate’s Visitation Form might be permitted to visit.
Inmates must inform their visitor(s) that they must have a current, valid photo identification (such as a driver’s license) in order to visit, and may be subject to search prior to entering or leaving the facility. Visitors dressed in clothing determined to be inappropriate by staff will not be permitted to visit, or will have their visit curtailed and their name removed from the inmate’s visitation list.
On a visitor’s first visit, they must complete a Visitor Information Form. The information on this form will be entered into the Sheriff’s information system and checked to determine whether the visitor may have any outstanding warrants. Based on the information provided in this form, and the results of any checks made, the visitor may be denied future visitation, or, if checks indicate any outstanding warrants, may be arrested prior to their departure from the facility.
Visitors under the age of 18 do not need to be listed on an approved visitation list, but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is on the approved list.
Visitation is limited to one visit per week of one-hour duration. Requests for exceptions and special requests must be forwarded through a Corrections Officer to a Shift Supervisor for approval.
A Shift Supervisor may extend visits by reason of distance traveled, past infrequent visits, or other compelling reasons.
An inmate may not conduct a business while in confinement, therefore may not conduct business in the visitation area. Staff will permit an inmate to assign a power of attorney for the purpose of protecting legitimate business and personal interests while in custody.
All visits are non-contact and are subject to visual and auditory supervision by staff.
An attorney visiting area is available in each housing pod to ensure privileged communications between inmates and their attorneys.
Visiting hours are determined by cell assignment and are not negotiable. It is the inmate’s responsibility to notify those on his or her visitation list of the times available for visiting. Legal and other official visits may be scheduled at the Shift Supervisor’s discretion.

Visitors need to appear at Master Control at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled visit to allow for processing.

Directions to the facility are:
The facility is located on East Lamar Alexander Parkway (U.S.321) across from Blount Memorial Hospital (920 E. Lamar Alexander Pkwy., Maryville, TN). From Knoxville, take U.S.129 South (Alcoa Highway) to U.S.321 East (Lamar Alexander Pkwy) and then to the facility, about two miles. From Lenoir City, stay on U.S.321 until you get to the facility. From Monroe County (Madisonville), take U.S.411 North to U.S.321 East (Lamar Alexander Pkwy) and then to the facility. There is limited public transportation to the facility. If those who wish to visit live in Blount County, they may call the East Tennessee Human Resources Agency (681-1778) to arrange transportation. The charge is $2.00 each way. There are also taxi services that may be called.

If there is reasonable suspicion to believe that a visitor may be carrying contraband, a consensual search may be undertaken by a Corrections Officer. No strip search of a visitor will be permitted. If a pat search is insufficient to allay suspicions that a visitor may be smuggling contraband, the Shift Supervisor may deny access by the visitor.

Visitation for high-risk inmates will be provided as long as facility security is not jeopardized, or the inmate is not prohibited visitation as a result of disciplinary action or court-imposed visitation restrictions. If past experience indicates an inmate is prone to violence, or has previously displayed disruptive behavior in the visiting area, visitation may be disallowed.

Visits for inmates housed in the Health Care Unit who require isolation, or for those inmates who are handicapped, will require approval from the health care staff. There is no visitation area for the Health Care Unit, so health care staff will need to approve any movement to a visitation area. Depending on the seriousness of a handicap, visits for these inmates may be held in the handicap visiting area.

While it is expected that doing so will be rare, special visits of otherwise unapproved visitors, extended visits, or visits on non-visiting days, may be approved by a Shift Supervisor or the Administrator for compelling reasons. Special visits may include prospective employers, release sponsors, parole advisors, and/or family.

In accordance with the inmate disciplinary policies and procedures, an inmate may be denied visitation privileges upon receiving a disciplinary sanction restricting this privilege. Visitation is also subject to limitations and restrictions based on the security, safety, and health requirements of the facility, it’s staff, volunteers, inmates, and visitors.