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Visitation : Anderson County Jail near Oak Ridge TN

Anderson County Detention Facility

Anderson County Detention FacilityBuilt in 1994, the Anderson County Detention Facility serves Anderson County as well as the cities of Clinton, Oak Ridge, Rocky Top, Norris, and Oliver Springs. It also serves the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, the Tennessee Valley Authority Police, and area park authorities.

The facility can hold a total population of 565 inmates. The facility has 88 full-time Corrections Deputies with three contracted nurses who work a rotating 24 hour on call schedule. There are three full-time maintenance engineers and two Kitchen Deputies on staff who plan and oversee preparation of approximately 363,000 meals annually.

There are five (7) housing units which are currently broken down as follows: Unit 7 (new edition 212 beds) is broken into four pods; medical, sex offenders, general population/medium security and lock-down/maximum security. Unit 6 consists of inmate workers (27 beds), Unit 5 is comprised of minimum security inmates (64 beds), Unit 4 is our main female pod (69 beds), Unit 3 is the female maximum security unit (16 beds +1 special needs cell), Unit 2 is a male lock-down over-flow pod (48 beds), and finally Unit 1 is male only workhouse inmates (128 beds). There are also temporary holding cells in the booking section which are used for the processing and releasing of inmates.

The facility is a direct supervision/indirect supervision facility where the deputies are located in the housing units with inmates and /or constant visual contact supplemented by routine walk-throughs by Deputies 24 hours a day. Each Deputy provides security against escape, inmate on inmate violence and all other facility policies as well as enforcing state laws. Deputies also provides for the daily requirements of the inmates (meals, commissary, recreation time etc.).

The lobby is open 7 days a week 7am -3pm. If you have any questions regarding the facility we invite to stop by or call and an officer will be glad to assist you in any way.

Chief Jailer
(865) 457-7100 Ext.128