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Selecting a bail agent (bail bondsman) is a very important decision. There are many choices and bail bondsmen out there, so this site is designed to help you understand the bail process, anticipate what to expect when posting bail, and to help you find the bail bondsman that is best suited to help you, your friend or loved one get out of jail as quickly as possible. Bail bond information varies from state to state, but understanding the basic rules regarding posting a bail bond will help you make a more informed decision when time is of the essence.

We know you have many choices out there sometimes too many choices so, we have done the research to help save you time and money. The PREMIER bail bondsmen listed on this site have all been pre-screened and pre-qualified prior to being listed on this site. Just select your state and get a comprehensive listing of licensed bail bondsmen who are ready to help you now.

Licensed Bondsmen in the State of Florida

As of 2021/04/22 16:29:33

Business NameCityPhone #Website
ASAP BondsTallahassee(850)422-1717Yes
H & A Bail Bond AgencyTallahassee(850)521-0999Yes
Barfield Bail BondTallahassee(850)878-2663Yes
No Collateral Bail Bonds CorpTallahassee(850)561-9000Yes
Quick Bail BondsTallahassee(850)224-2431Yes
Emmanuel Bail BondsTallahassee(850)385-5791Yes
Perk's BondingTallahassee(850)421-6221Yes
Boatwright Bail Bonds IncTallahassee(850)559-2601Yes
Curtis Gaskins Bail BondsTallahassee(850)297-2245Yes
Danzy Bail BondsTallahassee(850)576-0400Yes
Bail AdvantageTallahassee(850)575-2245Yes
Mike Jones Bail Bond AgencyTallahassee(850)765-6623Yes
Curtis Gaskins Bail BondsTallahassee(850)877-9638Yes
Thomas Bail BondingTallahassee(850)385-6330Yes
Universal 24-7 Bail BondsTallahassee(850)575-3133Yes
Blanding Bail BondsTampa(813)228-7354Yes
A Step Ahead Bail Bonds IncTampa(813)985-4100Yes
Frank Cueto Bail BondsTampa(813)221-2245Yes
No Collateral Bail Bonds IncTampa(813)247-9000Yes
Bailbonds By BrowerTampa(863)226-6271Yes
No Collateral Bail Bonds CorpTampa(813)440-0750Yes
AAAAA Presto Bail BondsTampa(813)248-9300Yes
Fisher Bail BondsTampa(813)626-9648Yes
Richardson Bail BondsTampa(813)236-7248Yes
Norman Giovenco Bail BondsTampa(813)876-1981Yes
Orient Road Bail BondsTampa(813)630-0000Yes
Big John's Bail BondsTampa(813)641-8400Yes
Best Bail Bonds Of Fla IncTampa(813)621-4888Yes
Against All Odds Bail BondsTampa(813)300-9107Yes
Dye Bail BondsTampa(813)397-2663Yes
Lazzara Bail BondsTampa(813)626-6333Yes
Amos Bail BondsTampa(813)933-0444Yes
McBail Bonds IncTampa(813)740-2245Yes
Bryan Tunnell Bail BondsTampa(813)661-1111Yes
Gonzales & Gonzales Immigration BondsTampa(813)223-2900Yes
All Out American Bail BondsTampa(813)621-9999Yes
Diane Hill Licensed Bail Bonds & Notary PublicTampa(727)365-5186Yes
Elizabeth Randolph Bail BondsTampa(813)876-0125Yes
Rosenberg Bail BondsTampa(813)805-9303Yes
Lee Bail Bonds IncTampa(813)228-8830Yes
Frances Bail BondsTampa(813)229-8999Yes
Al Arenal Bail BondsTampa(813)935-7001Yes
I T Bailbonds CoTampa(813)628-0022Yes
Kirby's Bail BondsTampa(813)837-2245Yes
Surety Management IncTampa(813)740-1111Yes
Oscar Hall's BondingTampa(813)874-8346Yes
Wilcox Bail BondsTampa(813)630-2245Yes
Lazzara Bail Bonds IncTampa(813)740-1905Yes
Bulldog Bail BondsTampa(813)805-2245Yes
Alliance 1st Bail BondsTampa(813)443-5858Yes
ASAP BailbondsTampa(813)597-0001Yes
George's Bail BondsTampa(813)832-3635Yes
Savorelli Bail BondsTampa(813)872-0848Yes
Paul Ortelli Bail BondsTampa(813)870-2245Yes
Freedom Bail Bonds IncTampa(813)254-2245Yes
Main Street Bail BondsTampa(813)253-6319Yes
Abby's Bail BondsTampa(813)241-4355Yes
ARB BailbondsTampa(813)969-2663Yes
Integrity Bail BondsTampa(813)227-8717Yes
Sweet Bail BondsTampa(813)931-1000Yes
Bay Area Bail BondsTampa(813)222-0440Yes
Tony Sands Bail BondsTampa(813)871-5150Yes
Helen's Bail BondsTampa(813)223-3869Yes
Sweet Bail BondsTampa(813)238-1666Yes
Vito's Bail Bonds & ProcessTampa(813)886-1222Yes
Abby's BailbondsTampa(813)935-7000Yes
Executive Bail BondsTampa(813)374-9385Yes
J & E Bail Bonds IncTampa(813)988-1221Yes
Speedy Bail BondTampa(813)621-7494Yes
Al's American Bail BondsTampa(813)443-5710Yes
No Collateral Bail Bonds CorpTavares(904)355-4000Yes
Signature Bail Bonds CorpTavares(352)343-6000Yes
Belton Bail Bonds, Inc.Tavares(352)269-4107Yes
Quick Response Bail BondsTavares(352)742-9989Yes
Tavares Bail BondsTavares(352)343-0900Yes
Lake Bail BondsTavares(352)742-1999Yes
Mr. J's All Hours Bail BondsTavares(352)508-4633Yes
Thumper's Bail BondsTavares(352)343-1900Yes
Dale's Bail BondsTavares(352)742-3366Yes
Mitchells Pernell Bail BondsTavares(352)742-2000Yes
Morris Bail BondsTavernier(305)853-0442Yes
Florida State Bail BondsTavernier(305)852-3266Yes
Barber Bonding AgencyTitusville(321)269-0833Yes
Culbreth Tom Bail BondsTitusville(321)385-2245Yes
Baker Bail BondsTitusville(321)269-0760Yes
Smitty's Bail BondsTitusville(321)690-2245Yes
Moncrief Bail BondsTitusville(321)267-2000Yes
A Absolute Bail Bonding SvcTitusville(321)269-0704Yes
ABS Bail Bonds IncTitusville(321)593-0030Yes
Big Boys Bail BondsVenice(941)484-2663Yes
Above & Beyond Bail BondsVenice(941)488-2888Yes
A-1 Bail BondsVenice(941)488-2542Yes
After Hours Bail BondsVenice(941)485-8700Yes
A A Abacus Bail BondsVenice(941)488-1001Yes
Mescia Bail BondsVenice(941)488-3246Yes
Barnett Bail BondsVero Beach(772)778-3111Yes
Letts Bail BondsVero Beach(772)562-2471Yes
Sunshine State Bail BondsVero Beach(772)978-1155Yes
A American Bail BondsVero Beach(772)770-2245Yes
A Abracadabra Bail BondsVero Beach(772)567-3185Yes
Ik Shaft Rhaheed Bail BondsVero Beach(772)778-3070Yes
Allegiant Bail BondVero Beach(772)567-2210Yes
Grants BailbondsVero Beach(772)633-1483Yes
Shining Star BailbondsVero Beach(772)774-8903Yes
Anthony Bail BondsVero Beach(772)562-0904Yes
Shauntay Johnson BailbondsVero Beach(772)257-5943Yes
Arancibia Bail BondsVirginia Gardens(305)642-1515Yes
Sal Rivas Bail BondsVirginia Gardens(786)265-0813Yes
Bailbonds By JacobsWauchula(863)767-1388Yes
Cochran Jack Bail BondsWauchula(863)773-4600Yes
A Wesley Chapel Bail BondsWesley Chapel(813)279-6476Yes
Bail Bonds NowWest Palm Beach(561)500-9999Yes
Alma Bail BondsWest Palm Beach(561)357-1088Yes
Still's Bail BondsWest Palm Beach(561)615-0131Yes
A Tommy Richards Bail BondsWest Palm Beach(561)478-0240Yes
Barbies Bail BondsWest Palm Beach(561)247-0018Yes
Sandy Mike Bail BondsWest Palm Beach(561)967-9888Yes
Zeke's Bail BondWest Palm Beach(561)432-1385Yes
Bail Bonds Release Center of West Palm BeachWest Palm Beach(561)833-4338Yes
Bail Bond Release Center Of The Palm BeachesWest Palm Beach(561)833-4388Yes
Bray-Poole Bail BondsWest Palm Beach(561)655-4375Yes
King Bail BondsWest Palm Beach(561)844-6311Yes
McDermott Bail Bonds IncWest Palm Beach(561)833-0545Yes
Earline Shorter Bail BondsWest Palm Beach(561)833-5513Yes
AAA Star Bail BondsWest Palm Beach(561)640-3799Yes
Set Me Free Bails BondWest Palm Beach(561)249-1926Yes
Escobar Bail BondsWest Palm Beach(561)429-8021Yes
Bail Now Bail BondsWest Palm Beach(561)615-4040Yes
Echols Bailment AgencyWest Palm Beach(561)640-7239Yes
Loyalty Bail BondsWest Palm Beach(561)333-1354Yes
Atlantic Bail Bonding, LLCWest Palm Beach(561)659-0525Yes
Barfield Bail BondWewahitchka(850)639-2663Yes
AAA Help Bailbonds IncWilliston(352)448-2108Yes
Warrant ClearanceWilton Manors(954)332-0011Yes
Agosto Bail Bonds.incWinter Haven(863)450-2962Yes
No Collateral Bail Bonds CorpWinter Park(407)644-1000Yes
Sue Cravens Bail BondsWinter Park(407)679-6777Yes
Central Florida BondingWinter Park(407)740-7882Yes
CFB BondingWinter Park(407)629-5353Yes
Signetics CorpWinter Springs(407)699-0729Yes
Liberty Bail Bonds NassauYulee(904)849-4501Yes
Absolute Bail BondsYulee(904)225-8000Yes
Daniel Bail BondsYulee(904)225-2755Yes
A1 Joe Parrish BAIL BONDSYulee(904)225-4855Yes
Frank's Bail BondsZephyrhills(813)779-2245Yes

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